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Linda says #BlackLivesMatter

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Twitter for iPad : The people who did this are not protestors. They are white agitators.

The peaceful protests are being hijacked by white anarchists.…

Twitter for iPad : Guess this is what illegitimate criminal coward imbecile occupant of the @whitehouse Donald J. Trump meant when he declared #MAGANightAtTheWhiteHouse #TrumpIsAnIdiot #TrumpResignNow #TrumpVirus #TrumpPandemic

Twitter for iPad : Remember when the riot police came out and tear gassed the armed to the teeth white men surrounding the Michigan Gov demanding she open...oh. never mind. WHITE MEN WITH GUNS. SO OK.

Twitter for iPad : 5/30/2020: Red Bank Residents are asked to Light a Candle @ 9PM tonight in your window, porch or patio for a moment of silence and in Memory of George Floyd and untold victims of injustice, violence and death in America.

Twitter for iPad : “We, the undersigned, recognize we cannot remain neutral.”…

Twitter for iPad : #NewProfilePic I had to wipe that smile off my face because posting about the pandemic and everything else doesn’t fit with a grin. Shout out to Lisa Sun Gravitas for making masks and donating masks. Link:…

Twitter for iPad : Garden update:

I guess absence makes the garden grow taller. 🤷‍♂️ I was away for a week, and everything grew and thrived. The broccoli had to be harvested, and I picked my first tomatoes and peppers.…