Kates #BLM (Min Min Propoganda) (@kratesalt )

Kates #BLM (Min Min Propoganda)

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Twitter Web App : #Wayfair 46.99$ until you add a name to the pillow.. any name then its 10,000$ .. 🙆🏻‍♂️🤨

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Twitter Web App : I saw a theory floating about #Wayfair but Im still wondering why no one is questioning the Human Trafficking Hotline run by Polaris. They used to publish their donors like HARVEY WEINSTEIN among others. I started publishing articles about it then their donor list disappeared

Android : CEO of Wayfair resigned and then WAYFAIR child pedophilia sex trafficking hit Twitter , I would say she got busted and arrested!

Android : Question: Why is Wayfair selling 10K cabinets named after girls who’ve gone missing? And why when questioned are they removing all of those items from their online store? Again just a question.

Android : Wayfair SKU Number linked to photos of underage children...Wayfair also distributes the furniture for the ICE Detention Centers... where the children keep disappearing.
#wayfairtrafficking #wayfairbusted #ConspiracyTheory

Android : I just don't understand Wayfair denying allegations, but also removing the cabinets. pic.twitter.com/tvNUcchmwj

Android : If you aren’t following the #Wayfair hashtag you should be. I’m not surprised by this. Child traffickers operate out in the open and expect us to be ignorant. Open your eyes and stay vigilant. #SheepNoMore

Android : #wayfairtrafficking THREAD

1)Today Wayfair was trending at #4 on twitter. Why? People noticed ordinary products were selling for unreal sums of money from 3rd party sellers.

Android : This #Wayfair shit isnt just happening on their site heres one example of it occuring on Amazon coupled with a review left in the product in 2018. These people really think theyre slick...

Android : #Wayfair is caught up in sex trafficking!? Lots of evidence. Missing girl names on items for sale. A freaking pillow case selling over 10k, shower curtains etc. The most raggedy looking items for a huge price! Apparently they was shipping bodies. LORD Jesus! #wayfairtrafficking

Android : So you mean to tell me that a Wayfair cabinet or pillow is over 9k, and the items just happen to be named after missing kids 🤨 something about this not sitting right in my spirit 😕 #wayfairtrafficking pic.twitter.com/Otd3QWLe6m