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iPhone : 177216 tests on 60744 people. How is the number of tests going up and the number of people being tested going down?? Are they doing more than 2 each in Pillar 2?

iPhone : If MPs have given up on social distancing rules and working from home if possible how are they going to have any authority to suggests others maintain them?

iPhone : Science cannot answer very easily yes or no questions for policy areas such as should we open schools.

Professor Devi Sridhar says there are misunderstandings... about what science can do - and that its up to politicians to evaluate the advice scientists give them.

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iPhone : Priti Patel extends offer of indefinite leave to remain to families of social care workers, NHS cleaners and porters who die from Covid-19. They were excluded from original scheme which was restricted to relatives of NHS medical staff

iPhone : Back up on All4 (with apologies for those who’ve been trying to watch the last couple of days) 'The Country That Beat the Virus'? Watch it here on All 4:…

iPhone : Not sure thinking on his feet is a problem for the QC. The test might be how his lawyerly calm comes over when the courtroom silence is gone and the chamber is full of braying MPs (who he can’t send to that field for donkeys). That might also be why Govt keen to get MPs back…

iPhone : This is an interesting point. Was talking yesterday to a friend whose child was tested in hospital but was never sent the result and neither was the GP so nobody knows what it was.…

iPhone : ...and finally, here are the nominations for Acast Moment of the Year: National Student Pride, @fearnecotton, No Such Thing As A Fish, Richard K Herring, @bbcsounds and @channel4news #britpodawards

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Twitter Web App : We will also be hearing from Iain Duncan Smith MP how the UK will have to treat Covid19 spending like wartime debt to get out of an uncertain recession (which, never mind W, might be wobbly line shaped) to avoid austerity.…

Twitter Web App : And I imagine the government will soon conclude that part of returning to a new normal is a reduction in the need for daily "briefings". You might say they won't be missed, but they are at least a place where govt faces questions (even if they are not always answered)