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Twitter Web App : Do you think it might be useful to build a docker image and run EKS with support for Spot Instances with Auto-Scaling, managed nodes groups and with ARM support with a single command? e.g. with
$ docker run -it kubernautslabs/eks
#Kubernetes #AWS #EKS

Twitter Web App : Darren Shepherd one of the exciting projects which we heard about was running k3s in a fleet of robots to build robots, that's like giving birth to yourself 😊 Thanks so much for your brilliant work Darren!

Twitter Web App : Continuously updated: The Golden Kubernetes Tooling and Helpers list, use it if you find it useful, suggest new tools, feedbacks or blames are useful as well 😊
#Kubernetes Kubernauts

Twitter Web App : Today on #CNCN: How does iptables work in #Kubernetes anyway? Dustin Specker shows you the way. Watch this if you'll ever have to troubleshoot #K8s networking or just want to learn the secret behind the Service trick. Play it back: youtube.com/watch?v=bHBAae…

Twitter Web App : Between #OpenDev2020 wrapping up and the virtual #OpenInfraSummit coming up (Oct 19-23, 2020), we have got some time to kill! Watch the past OpenDev and Summit videos and get excited for all the #OpenSource collaboration to come: ow.ly/wYqE50AVvkI

Twitter Web App : Well, HelmOps does CD better that GitOps by using Helm Repos as the single source of truth to run Ops, stay tuned! twitter.com/kubernauts/sta…

Twitter Web App : I'm super excited to share our plans for Flux v2 🎉 We've been working for months designing a composable API for building CD pipelines that will power the successor to Flux #GitOpsToolkit

Twitter Web App : Lens is an #OpenSource and free #IDE you’ll ever need to take control of your Kubernetes clusters. It is a standalone application for MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems.
#Kubernetes Kubernauts #cncf #cicd #Devsecops

Twitter Web App : We Love People Who Love Building Things!

Join us as a #Kubernetes Platform Engineer, SRE and Kubernetes Trainer!


#Careers #talents

Twitter Web App : A nice strategic decision to challenge competition in love with Istio, Kong Mesh, Traefik Maesh, Kuma, etc.
Congrats Open at Microsoft! twitter.com/evanderburg/st…

Twitter Web App : HelmOps is going to change the way how we are going to package our apps and deliver services, needless to say #GitOps is part of it, do you believe? 😊
#Kubernetes Helm Weaveworks #HelmOps

Twitter Web App : The Go programming language is at the foundation of some amazing open source projects. Just to name a few:

Open Policy Agent

Twitter Web App : Were pleased to announce the new password reset function for our Rancher Shared as a Service environment.
If youre not a user yet, you can get instant access here:

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Twitter Web App : Ok here's a new one: did you know that cows can cause network outages? Don't laugh, it happened to us.

The beginning of the story: recently, we noticed frequent short outages ("flaps") on a multi-terabit fiber path through Oregon. 1/

Twitter Web App : For those who are interested to have cluster-autoscaler support on ARM, with many thanks to the awesome folks Raspbernetes and in special to the awesome Michael Fornaro!


#Kubernetes #ARM64

Twitter Web App : If you've followed the discussions around k3s donation to CNCF you might pick up on some comments indicating a sense of tension or history of conflict with k8s upstream. I'd like to address that. What that is referring to is pretty much me and my history with k8s 1/8