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Android : Did our postmortem for election machinery for Kapayan. Though Warisan+ did not managed to for tje government..our team will continue to serve the people and DAP will play our role as the opposition and will work harder for the next elections. We march on..


Android : Results of the state elections shows an interesting geographical patterns. If we look closely areas which GRS won are mostly lowly populated, less developed and hi poverty rural areas.

Can it be due to class gap politics?

Android : Tengok punya celaka, depa dah lepas balik Semenanjung, tak payah kuarantin, rakyat kena PKPD, susah tak boleh keluar cari makan, pergi sekolah, pergi kerja. Pastu kau tanya kenapa rakyat menyampah dengan orang politik??…

Android : Nearly half of the remaining Upper Guinea rainforest lies in Liberia, and camera trap survey has captured 23 different species of wildlife walking through this remote rainforest. Its a rare glimpse into life of unique creatures in the forests of Liberia.…

Android : Kalaulah PKR, DAP, Warisan atau Amanah yang buat macam ini. Apa kata Annuar Musa ? Siap suruh TYT pegi mati.

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Android : After stealing Billions, found guilty, he can still enjoy his life unlike most common Malaysians who cant afford. What a sad episode for Malaysia.…

Android : How GRS be considered a party when they fought each other in the state elections? Now they are fighting who will be CM.

State Constitution spells out that ..A party that commands the Majority to form Government. Lets wait and see announcement from the Palace