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Twitter Web App : Learnk8s is running a Kubernetes workshop next week!

The course is hands-on and you will build (and brake) Kubernetes clusters!

You can book your ticket here: learnk8s.io/training

Want to chat with the instructors? Join the Telegram group here learnk8s.io/telegram

Tweetbot for Mac : Do you know how #k8s scheduler works. #k8s scheduler is in charge of placing the pod in your cluster. Salman Iqbal will give you insight/deeper dive of #k8s scheduler at Learnk8s. Recommended for everyone.

✅How does the Kubernetes Scheduler work

SmarterQueue : Kopf (Kubernetes Operator Pythonic Framework) is a framework and a library to make Kubernetes operators development easier, just in a few lines of Python code.


SmarterQueue : AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) lets you define and use AWS service resources directly from Kubernetes. With ACK you can take advantage of AWS managed services for your Kubernetes applications without needing to define resources outside of the cluster bit.ly/2Ebm74P

SmarterQueue : Redis Operator is a Golang based redis operator that will make/oversee Redis standalone/cluster mode setup on top of the Kubernetes. Also, it provides an in-built monitoring capability using redis-exporter.


SmarterQueue : Learn how to monitor Kubernetes clusters through Prometheus and Grafana


SmarterQueue : Kotal is Kubernetes operator that make it easy to deploy highly available, self-managing, self-healing blockchain infrastructure (networks, nodes, storage clusters ...) on any cloud.


SmarterQueue : Kubernetes Operator for Apache Cassandra (Cass Operator) automates the process of deploying and managing open-source Apache Cassandra


Tweetbot for Mac : Ever wondered how Kubernetes distributes applications on the cluster 🤔

Join me on 11th November to find out!

Register here: bit.ly/34wm9P7 twitter.com/learnk8s/statu…

Tweetbot for Mac : Great #community share by Learnk8s
Comparison of Kubernetes Ingress Controllers
#Azure #Microsoft #Cloud #Kubernetes #K8s #Containers #Ingress #Comparison

SmarterQueue : Learn Kubernetes from the Learnk8s instructors in these 2 webinars:

1. Kafka, Knative, Zeebe: Event-Driven Cloud-Native apps done right by Mauricio Salatino
2. How does the Kubernetes scheduler works? by Salman Iqbal

Register here bit.ly/34wm9P7

Linode is hosting the event!

SmarterQueue : registry-creds is a Kubernetes operator that can be used to propagate a single ImagePullSecret to all namespaces within your cluster.

The primary reason for creating this operator is to make it easier to consume images from Docker Hub


SmarterQueue : Gemini is a Kubernetes CRD and operator for managing VolumeSnapshots. Gemini automates backups of PersistentVolumeClaims in Kubernetes using VolumeSnapshots


SmarterQueue : kubectl-fuzzy is a fuzzy and partial string search for kubectl. Instead of specifying full resource names to kubectl commands, you can choose them from an interactive list that you can filter by typing a few characters.

bit.ly/2Fzew0a pic.twitter.com/YaB7rz4mRI

SmarterQueue : Setec is a utility tool that encrypts and decrypts secrets that are managed by Bitnami's Sealed Secrets (one-way encrypted secrets).


SmarterQueue : Kubevol allows you to audit all your Kubernetes pods for an attached volume or see all the volumes attached to each pod by a specific type (eg: ConfigMap, Secret).

You can also use Kubevol to report on any stale items.


SmarterQueue : A Custom Pod Autoscaler is a Kubernetes autoscaler that is customised and user created. You can use this project to quickly develop your own Kubernetes autoscaler.