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SmarterQueue : How to integrate OPA (Open Policy Agent) into your Kubernetes cluster using Kube-mgmt


SmarterQueue : vault-controller is a Kubernetes controller to manage Hashicorp Vault Configurations using CRDs


Tweetbot for Mac : THREAD: What happens when you create a Pod in Kubernetes?

Spoiler: a surprisingly simple task reveals a complicated workflow that touches several components in the cluster.

SmarterQueue : In this article you will learn how to run OpenEBS in Kubernetes


SmarterQueue : In this article, you’ll see how to make use of kubeadm bootstrap to set up and join 3 master instances as members of our cluster.


Twitter Web App : Dont miss the next Learnk8s Online Advanced Kubernetes courses!

Were running 2 events at the end of August (just after KubeCon EU). More info here:


SmarterQueue : Beetle automates the deployment and rollback of your applications in a multi-cluster, multi-namespaces kubernetes environments. Easy to integrate with through API endpoints & webhooks to fit a variety of workflows.


SmarterQueue : Deprek8ion is a set of rego policies to monitor Kubernetes APIs deprecations and designed to work with conftest.


SmarterQueue : Learn how to validate Kubernetes resources with Conftest for faster feedback loops


SmarterQueue : kuui is a simple UI that can be used to manage the configmaps/secrets of your Kubernetes cluster.


SmarterQueue : Teleskope is a Kubernetes dashboard designed to give your product managers and dev an inside view of the cluster


SmarterQueue : In this article you will learn how to deploy and configure Traefik v2.2 as an Ingress controller using Kustomize and with the built-in Ingress Kubernetes resource


SmarterQueue : Domain-harvester is an operator that collects domains from all Ingress resources in a Kubernetes cluster and provides its expiry information


Tweetbot for Mac : Did you know about the `impersonate` RBAC `verb` ?
I wrote an article about it at the Bitnami blog docs.bitnami.com/tutorials/simp…, on how you can ab-use it to create roleaccount~ish approach to Kubernetes authorization /cc Learnk8s

SmarterQueue : DAST (Dynamic application security testing) is a Kubernetes operator that leverages OWASP ZAP to make automated basic web service security testing


SmarterQueue : Polaris helps Kubernetes users avoid common mistakes when configuring their workloads.
It runs a variety of checks to ensure that Kubernetes pods and controllers are configured using best practices


SmarterQueue : In this blog post, you will learn about the Pod Security Policy admission controller. You will also see how Open Policy Agent can implement Pod Security Policies.