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Android : stan twitter has really brainwashed y’all into thinking anyone who isn’t your fav is an enemy and can’t be talented or it’s a threat to your idol and that’s not good.....at all.

Android : My freshman year roommate sat me down Day 1 and was like “Heads up: I’ll be bringing lots of girls and maybe even some guys to the dorm this year so, if that scares you, grow up cuz this ain’t high school!”

Anyway, he brought one girl back the whole year and now they’re married.

Android : why would i use TIKTOK when they STEAL MY DATA to send back to CHINA when I can be a GOOD AMERICAN and use FACEBOOK who steals my INFO and SELLS IT TO CHINA like a TRUE PATRIOT

Android : i am proud to announce that in the time ive been gone ive done absolutely nothing useful or productive but at least i have 150 shiny pokemon😩