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Bio Author of 5 books, incl. National Book Award Finalists FATES AND FURIES & FLORIDA. She/her. MATRIX coming 9/21 @riverheadbooks. Twitter is for goofing around.
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Twitter Web App : These are the times when I want to be in a book club, then I remember that I tried being in a book club and quickly disintegrated into a heap of bitter ashes.

Twitter Web App : Just heard someone say the word “grody” for the first time since 1989, and now I am just whispering “grody grody grody grody grody” to myself in absolute fucking delight.

Twitter Web App : You find toads’ eyes blinking up at you from your own body parts where the sun don’t shine, well, baby, you know who did that to you. 👀

Twitter Web App : Don’t know which one of you signed me up for a slew of conservative newsletters for a laugh, but I hope you find the hex I just laid on you pretty gd funny too.

Twitter Web App : On the other hand, the diaeresis in coöperation may be the tiny eyes of the abyss staring back.

Twitter Web App : Feeling extreme tenderness for the vestigial o in the British spelling of oesophagus.