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Twitter Web App : Rep. Doug Collins You're a complete joke & an embarrassment to the office that you hold. Pat yourself on the back, right after you wipe his sh*t off of your nose.

Twitter Web App : Clapped back at Rep. Matt Gaetz for being the pot that called the kettle black.

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Twitter Web App : Matt Cipollone Rus Reck Tara LaRosa Her mouth was flapping but her hands were folded and she was in an unaggressive stance. Imo she will not be charged because she was not the aggressor. Touched or not u cannot invade personal space like that.

Twitter Web App : Tara LaRosa I thought u handled it pretty well but was there any provocation? No1 is jamming a pointy stick that aggressively and that closely towards my eye's, and holding it there, w/o a reaction. My bet is ur not allowing it either!