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iPhone : Tucker Carlsons head writer, #BlakeNeff, now resigned after racist posts were uncovered, in 2016 did a lengthy + glowing interview with the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Worker Party at the 2016 RNC, where they laid out their desire for a fascist ethno-state.…

iPhone : And they crave the position, they crave the engagement and the outrage. Because the truth is, they have no threats. Their lives are secure. People in power don’t enjoy power, they fear losing it. Politically, psychologically, and emotionally, they need the pantomime of a fight.

iPhone : Advocates for Palestine are not “cancelled” they’re punished. Women who are sexually harassed or assaulted are not “cancelled”, they suffer harm. Do not subscribe to the terms pushed on us by people who insist “cancel culture” exists.

iPhone : Engaging with their terms legitimizes them. I’m not going to use “cancel culture”, it’s an unserious aspiration to victimhood by those who the status quo benefits and protects. It’s term designed to defend the status quo by obfuscating what is at stake.

iPhone : Social media news performer Andy Ngo is deceiving his followers again.

Three of these tweets (and he knows this) were posted before anyone punched him or stole his GoPro.

He had complained that someone poured milkshake on his backpack earlier that day.

iPhone : i've spent the past 2 months talking to people imprisoned in an Ohio prison where 80% of the population tested positive for COVID about how their sentence stripped them of the ability to make decisions that would increase their chances of survival…

Twitter Web App : I talked to writers, producers, directors of cop shows about how they feel about making cop shows in the midst of a national reckoning on policing. "we rationalize it because this is our job. we know it’s wrong."…

iPhone : the only DOJ probe of a police department since trump took office found that narcotics officers “repeatedly punch individuals in the face unnecessarily” and use “excessive force without accountability."

by Ryan J. Reilly, who is terrible at vacation…

Twitter Web App : MORE: Twitter verified Posobiec after he spread disinfo, antisemitic hate and claimed "fmr CBS News" on his bio.

He now floods this website, tweeting roughly 2500 times per month, 18x more than a typical high volume poster.

Read part II here:…

Twitter Web App : Twitter verified Jack Posobiec after he spread anti-Semitism and disinfo. After he lied about working for CBS News. They let him spread a fake bomb threat. Scores of ToS violations. Twitter didn't care. They made this neo-Nazi collaborator a star.