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Bio AI researcher at MIT and beyond. Podcast host. Not a robot.
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Twitter Web App : I was born on this day some years ago. The rides been fun, punctuated by many lucky moments of simple happiness. It took me a while to find myself in a sometimes-cynical world. But the ups and downs have all been worth it. Im grateful to be alive. I love you all.

Twitter Web App : Heres my conversation with Dileep George (Dileep George), CTO of Vicarious AI, about engineering intelligent systems inspired by the human brain. youtube.com/watch?v=tg_m_L…

Twitter Web App : We [humans] are not the inventors of the first digital computer - were its descendants.

MIT computational biologist Manolis Kellis on digital inheritance and the human genome: youtu.be/brslF-Cy3HU

Lex Fridman #genomics

Twitter Web App : Happy birthday to Erwin Schrödinger, who gave us the Schrödinger equation and Schrödinger's cat. The former is one of the most important equations in modern physics and the latter is the first known effective use of a cat meme to illustrate the paradox of quantum superposition.

Twitter Media Studio : Driving may not require AGI, but getting out of the car does.

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Twitter Web App : It's exciting to think that Mars may be teeming with microbial life under its surface or that Martian fossils might tell a story of millions of years of evolution and extinction. Imagine the mysteries that are waiting for us on Mars to be uncovered.

Twitter Web App : "He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster." - Nietzsche

Twitter Media Studio : Early version of Boston Dynamics humanoid robot. Also me doing the running & bodyweight exercise challenge.

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Twitter Web App : Heres my conversation with Russ Tedrake, a roboticist at MIT who builds robots that thrive in complicated, underactuated, difficult to model situations. He is also known for running almost a marathon a day barefoot. Fascinating & brilliant mind. youtube.com/watch?v=A22Ej6…

Twitter Web App : In physics, a "jiffy" is an actual unit of time: 3*10^−24 seconds or the time it takes for light to travel one femtometer (approximate size of a nucleon).