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iPhone : I want you all to reconsider your framing. They didn’t attack for “no reason”. They attacked bc the NYPD is one of the biggest most violent gangs in the world and they have permission to abuse the citizens. Every mayor has allowed and condoned it. They do it bc they want to…

iPhone : If you are anti-racist and pro-civil liberty, you must understand that the police are your enemy. They share none of your values and use their power to oppose what you believe in. The only way to create a more just society is to defund and dismantle police departments.

iPhone : It feels like more and more people are starting to understand the truth about police in America. Not enough yet to cause the change we need, but I feel like we’re getting somewhere for the first time.

iPhone : During Ferguson, I was scolded by a lot of white people who have voted straight ticket Democrat their entire lives for saying the police are our enemy. They convinced me to tone down what I was saying and I feel awful about that. But there’s less tone policing now.

iPhone : We have 20% unemployment while the stock market is going up. You’re not gonna catch me getting angry about poor people stealing stuff.

iPhone : If the bipartisan white power establishment truly objected to police murder, they wouldn’t keep sending in higher and higher levels of armed, militarized forces to help local police forces attack protesters.

iPhone : Having a soccer opinion at this moment seems even more pointless than usual, but if MLS owners do this I’ll never give DC United another dime…

iPhone : I’m with a very mellow group of protesters just south of union square now, taking a knee in the street. NYPD is announcing over loudspeaker that the protesters have become “violent and is creating a disturbance.” I feel like a crazy person

iPhone : I’ve got some bad news for you about the people who operate that account lol…

iPhone : Chicago Hornet Wasn’t an attack on teachers. Of course some are finding a way to get it into their curriculum. But 90% of kids aren’t learning this stuff through no fault of teachers. A lot don’t even learn it in college.

iPhone : When you say “vote blue no matter who” you’re signaling to people running with that (D) next to their name that they can take your vote for granted and move to the right

iPhone : “Vote blue no matter who” well all the mayors of NYC, LA and a Chicago are “blue” and they’ve bent the knee for the cops, leant into brutality and in the last three days have allowed activists and journalists to be shot with rubber bullets and run over by cop cars