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Bio Lilly(12) is an international environmental champion. Youth Ambassador @plasticpollutes @youthmundus #WODI TEDx Speaker InternationalAgency @Team_IVA
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Twitter for iPad : Yesterday Mark Rutte Mark Rutte at his press conference about Covid19 spoke directly to the children and thanked them for helping the country through the lockdown measures. He made a call for them to help shape how the future will look. Where do we apply? what is the plan for this?…

Twitter for iPad : We need a new normal! We can’t go back to the polluting ways- what was the one thing we all wanted in lockdown was to go to nature. - we must respect it before it’s too late and we lose it…

Twitter for iPad : Every night 3am Biomassa-Ede polluting the sky-you can see the ash but what about the fine and ultrafine particles extremely dangerous to health. Where does all the wood come from - how many forests are burnt - how is this green energy! How much subsidy for a nights polluting?…

Android : Rudy Rabbinge professor at Wageningen University said You need to measure CO2 levels at the place you want to cut all these trees down and NOT at the point of burning - #biomassa isnt sustainable but with millions in subsidies governments say their own truth!
This is Ecocide!…

Android : #ClimateStrikeOnline #digitalstrike this week i would like to draw attention to biomassa. Chopping down whole forests abroad to ship to the NL to meet CO2 targets isnt green or sustainable. Nature will reach its tipping point while governments are laughing with all the subsidies

Android : There is a hotspot that the teenagers always hangout even in lockdown. The news talked about the deposit scheme on small plastic bottles and how it would stop littering. Beer bottles have a deposit on them and this spot was terrible the worst is that they smash them.