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Oktopost : How to create your own #Multicast Restream Server to go live on multiple platforms: via Don Hui #Linux #LiveStream

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Sprout Social : Jeff Abrahamson Hey Jeff - we agree that having timely and accurate information is important. That’s why we’re exploring that automation, so we can provide updates as soon as they happen.

Sprout Social : Jeff Abrahamson Hi Jeff - thanks for sharing this feedback. Our status page is updated manually, which can cause delays in reporting information. That said, we understand where you're coming from on this and we're looking into automating the process for real-time info.

Sprout Social : Лёха We've just become aware of an issue with our Frankfurt data center. Our administrators are actively looking into this issue, and we'll post updates to our status page. Feel free to DM us or open a Support ticket for issues in another data center.

Sprout Social : Andy Heathershaw Hi Andy! No need to worry. We just double-checked and you're all set. Just remember you'll need to fill out the form for any new products you'd like to help test. 😊

Sprout Social : Leonard  We've just tested this on our end, and it looks to be working. We recommend clearing your cache or trying again through a private browser (like Incognito). If the problem persists, reach out to us at and we can take a closer look at your signup!

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Sprout Social : R.I.Pienaar Hi there - we totally understand your frustration concerning your LKE cluster. We've found your ticket and a member of Support is working on it now. If you have an urgent matter, you can reach out to us by phone. +1 609-380-7100

Sprout Social : Mike Zentz Hey Mike, we're looking over your ticket now. You can expect a response from us soon.

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Oktopost : We exist to democratize cloud computing— to make it simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone: #AlternativeCloud #Linode

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