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iPhone : How did I not know that this level of cuteness existed?…

Android : Thank you for the immense support on here with #Springwatch tonight , weve got so much top wildlife content in store for you over the next three weeks . . .

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Twitter for iPad : Another poorly hog. He is missing one eye and his entire rear is one enormous abscess. Will see what I can do. Find out about him and his progress and the other #hedghogs in the hogspital live tonight at 9.30pm…

Tweetbot for iΟS : Got to give Cummings his due, hes done something that no ones been able to do in a very, very, very long time... Hes almost united the country.

Twitter for iPad : Amy Fenton You deserve all you get Fenton, your a terrible journalist and are not getting a taste of your own medicine. You and Vanessa Sims are friends with one of the men Ellie accused. He must have you both in his back pockets as he said in the tweets. The Mail deserves to go bankrupt.

iPhone : Webhelp UK ‘Vast majority’ ?! you’re rubbing this right in the noses of your Larbert workers. Get them ALL working from home NOW!

Android : Honestly thinking about finishing my yachtmaster and a few commercial quals and signing on to sail the stupidly big yachts of the stupidly rich.

I mean they barely ever use them, and winter sailing in the Med is always fun.

iPhone : More from Dominic Cummings...

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Twitter Web App : GMB_Union This is the company that you are keeping now.
Note that these are prominent trans right activists. Thought your women members might like to know who you are chucking them under the bus for.…

Android : I would drive for 30 miles, and I would drive for 30 more, just to be the man who drove for 60 miles to make sure my eyes weren’t sore. #DominicCummnings

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Twitter for iPad : Please help this broken-hearted #NHS A&E doctor by retweeting to help him find his poor lost much loved dog 💔🙏 #FindBertie

iPhone : Mehmet Emin Adin, MD Herkesin anlayabileceği tarzda bir paylaşım yapmışsınız bu çok kıymetli bence çünkü zaten biliminsanları , hekimler literatüre hakimler ve aynı dili konuştuklarından yalnızca birbirlerini anlıyorlar. Bilmekle öğretebilmek farklı şeyler👏🏻