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Bio She/her. Narrative designer/freelance writer. MFA from @nyugamecenter. Making Palimpsest and A Thousand Cuts. Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/elizabethballou
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Twitter Web App : "'What is this lonely wasteland?' I typed into the chat. 'HOW DO I MOVE UP AND DOWN?'" bit.ly/2ZO3Dj4

Twitter Web App : update: I ended up writing an essay on why I felt so frustrated and betrayed by VR Grad Alley (NYU in general, really) for VICE Games vice.com/en_us/article/…

Twitter Web App : Queen Sadb looking around for legitimate casus belli against her neighbors like pic.twitter.com/UXrxIOtd7A

Twitter Web App : update: Queen Sadb's habit of driving up taxes to fund her constant wars has caused many a peasant revolt, but who cares? she fucked the Pope

Twitter Web App : time to #LeanIn (which in this case means "throw anyone who disagrees with your technocratic utopian vision in the oubliette")

Twitter Web App : I have decided to do a #girlboss run of Crusader Kings II, in which Princess Sadb of Ireland will appoint women to every court position (but only if they're pretty and rich enough), swindle her enemies out of money and land, and assassinate anyone who gets in her way

Twitter Web App : some excellent reporting by Michelle about Pac-Man's origins, and how the game was meant to draw women into the arcade space, which was (and is) traditionally masculine twitter.com/mdelgadia/stat…

Twitter Web App : Books πŸ“š I always laughed at the Crusader Kings community - "har har what's with all the cousin marriage" - but it took 30 minutes for me to be like "sometimes you need a good cousin marriage to keep that duchy in the family"

Twitter Web App : old-ass King Rathach just kicked the bucket, passing the crown to his grandson, King Flaithri. Rathach had a much younger wife with EXCELLENT stewardship skills, which I very much needed to keep around, so...now Flaithri is married to his step-grandmother Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―