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Bio Be kind to others while fighting the global rising tide of fascism.

Local historian & pro genealogist trained in anthro & arch. Northern slavery. Travel a lot.

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Twitter Web App : Now VICE reporting that CBP is sending predator drones over #GeorgeFloyd protests in Minneapolis.

This is what happens when leaders sign blank check after blank check to militarize police, CBP, etc while letting violence go unchecked.

We need answers. And we need to defund.…

Twitter Web App : 1,353 people died of COVID-19 in the U.S. today.

The pandemic is still raging outside our doors.

Their deaths were not inevitable.

We’ll keep sharing their stories.

Twitter Web App : BRIAN MILLER, 52. Growing up blind, Brian dedicated his life to helping students with disabilities.

A PhD who worked for the DOE, he was a travel buff who spoke multiple languages, & visited 6 continents & 65 countries.

Via Ailsa Chang & Mary Louise Kelly…

Twitter Web App : As I told the The New York Times here, I have strong concerns about sending weapons to Saudi Arabia that could be used to kill civilians in Yemen or perpetrate human rights abuses, and I’ve tried to block those sales from going forward. (1/2)…

Twitter Web App : Next Thursday, learn more about Henry Knox and his noble train of artillery in this virtual event with recent podcast guest William Hazelgrove.…

Twitter Web App : ‘The UK was not included on a list of 29 countries released by Athens to fit an “epidemiological profile” that makes travel from them relatively safe. [... it] “sadly” did not apply to Britain, said government officials’.…

Twitter Web App : He’s encouraging extrajudicial killing for suspected misdemeanor theft. That’s the opposite of law and order.…

Twitter Web App : #Breaking: Fired Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested by the Minnesota BCA. Chauvin murdered unarmed and handcuffed #GeorgeFloyd four days ago.

Twitter Web App : So, this isn't *main* issue with this, but occurs to me it's crucial to spell out: by systematically charging nearly-only black people with felonies for low-level pot sales, Mike Freeman was also setting them up to LOSE THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

The reality of felony disenfranchisement…

Twitter Web App : My mom cleans homes. I've been translating and helping reply to texts from her clients. The levels of othering that emerge are wild...mostly about protecting themselves from her.

dead on 👇🏾

Is It Safe to Keep Employing a Cleaner? Wrong Question, Lady…

Twitter Web App : #BREAKING: Officer Derek Chauvin has been taken into custody by state authorities, Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington says.

Twitter Web App : If you didn't realize that Customs and Border Protection has drones, or want to know what they're capable of, here's a quick primer…

Twitter Web App : Thank you Hakeem Jeffries for asking the question we all want the answer to, WHEN DOES IT END? #WeAreDoneDying

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Twitter Web App : Trump's social media executive is slapdash, incoherent, rooted in a false premise, and potentially unconstitutional.

But to analyze the executive order’s flaws is to miss the point entirely.…