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Twitter Web App : 🪑 Secretlab x League of Legends Champions Collection! 👊🏻

Step into the Summoner’s Rift with the world’s first official League of Legends gaming seats, inspired by virtual pop phenomenon K/DA and fan-favorite champions Akali, Ahri, and Yasuo! secretlab.co.uk/pages/leagueof… ⚔

Android : 👻🌸 One week left to enter our #SpiritBlossomManga competition! For more details on how to enter and the exclusive Spirit Blossom prizes you can win go here: euw.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/news/com… ✏

Android : Ok, this is the fastest I can draw! Spirit Blossom Jett from Riot Art Stream happening right now! #DrawwithRiot #ArtofLegends

Android : ⚔ One to cut, one to seal! ⚔

Yone, the spotlight is on you... Its time to show us what youre made of! #LoL 🗡

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Twitter Web App : What do you think of these plays? And yes, you can still sign up for our other #RedBullSoloQ Qualifiers on redbull.be/soloq! 🇧🇪 #LOL #LeagueOfLegends

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Android : Oops guys, we were a little overexcited on getting this tweet out! Yone and the Spirit Blossom skins come out around 22:00 CET! Thanks for being patient.. 🌸

Twitter Media Studio : 👻🌸 And through our fables, the forgotten live again. Yone, Ahri, Riven, Kindred, and Cassiopeia have joined the #SpiritBlossom festival! 👻🌸

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Twitter Web App : .REI Z E R O helps Spirit Blossom Yone take form in this awesome Spirit Bonds speed paint.

Find your redemption. Find your peace.🌺

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Twitter Web App : 👻🌸 We’re excited to introduce #SpiritBlossomManga - an art competition, where you can showcase your Manga drawing skills in the Spirit Blossom universe in #LoL and win some exclusive Spirit Blossom 2020 themed prizes! Find out more here: euw.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/news/com… ✏️

Twitter Web App : After seeing how much you all loved the first #DrawWithRiot we couldnt wait to do another one! 🎨

This time we have Paul Kwon (Z E R O N I S) one of our super talented Senior Concept Artists creating something special live on 6th August at 6pm CEST: twitch.tv/riotgames! 🖌

Twitter Web App : 🌸 Lillia ☺️ thank you League of Legends UK for allowing me to be the first creator to bring this beautiful character to life. I tried a different more loose style of painting here. It was very freeing and rewarding 🥰

Twitter Web App : 👻🌸 #PBE Preview! 👻🌸

⚔️Spirit Blossom Yone! #LoL

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Twitter Web App : Summoners while you were playing Yasuo, he studied the blades! ⚔

Meet #Yone, your new 0/10 power spike skirmisher-assassin hybrid! 🗡 #LoL

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iPhone : Explore the Spirit Blossom festival while it lasts, theres so much to see and do!

🌺Commune with the kanmei and akana in Spirit Bonds.
🌸Play the triumphant return of Nexus Blitz!
🌺Pick up new skins for Yasuo, Lillia, Teemo, Vayne, and Thresh.

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Twitter Web App : 👻🌸 Your shop is back! Which skins did you get? Heres ours! 👻🌸

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