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iPhone : Dr. Killjoy E.O.A. I grew up in a family that $20 would have been the loss of a day of meals. I biked for years when I had no money.

You miss the entire point. People riding bikes saves the city money and already pay their share to have lanes.

You seem to not get this. Have a good one.

iPhone : Dr. Killjoy Kevin Montgomery E.O.A. They said the same in Amsterdam.

No one is saying eliminate the car, what they are saying is support all forms so people can choose.

The irony is if less people own cars, cabs will make out like bandits. When I didn’t own a car I used one way more than now.

iPhone : Dr. Killjoy E.O.A. You are missing the point nature point. Cyclist already pay through taxes just like you. We use less

I also own a car. People love cars because we spend $$$$ to support them. If they had to pay the true cost and made alternatives easy, they would shift.…

iPhone : Dr. Killjoy E.O.A. Be progressive. User fees for cars! Toll roads and congestion charges.

Adding costs to the mode that saves money is regressive.

I seldom use our car yet don’t see that savings municipality, use those funds for cycling.

iPhone : Dr. Killjoy E.O.A. Yes, there is. If the revenue from a user group isn’t funding their costs, the money comes from elsewhere.

They allocate more than they should. I am not saying deficit, I am saying costs are not paid by the users. Why should cyclists pay if drivers (that cost 20x) don’t?

iPhone : erin Yep. Privacy should always be the default and sharing broadly an opt in.

I used for races to replay gaps and field movements but some used it for way less nice things.

My partner gets 10x the follow requests I get. It’s crazy.

iPhone : Dr. Killjoy E.O.A. Except even the best math puts provincial and federal funding at a 15% funding gap and municipal at 85%. So drivers don’t cover their costs.

So no, in the end the gap is covered by those not driving.

Would you like sources?

iPhone : Dr. Killjoy E.O.A. You still haven’t explained how municipal funding for roads is done and why cyclists should pay when drivers (who get 99% of space and cause 99% of cost) don’t pay
Provincially, the revenue after admin costs is a drop in the bucket.
We could help deficit by taxing drivers