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iPhone : June recap marks #TomoChain's half-way journey through 2020. This special month sure did not let us down with many exciting events including new partnerships, informative AMA sessions, and a lot of new integrations.

Let host Hong Nguyen tell you more ☀️

iPhone : Maka.co soft-launched a Peer to Peer marketplace to buy/sell crypto w/PayPal & Skrill ( $TOMO too )!

Invite-only. Here's my invite link for 5 peeps: maka.co/login/684-052-…

Fill out your profile - Get 10 TOMO

35K TOMO giveaway too: maka.co/blog/maka-co-h… twitter.com/Maka_co_OTC/st…

Twitter Web App : You need an invite code to join the soft launch. Join TomoChain Telegram channel to ask for an invite code t.me/tomochain

iPhone : First yield farming on TomoChain is called ‘staking’, and you can send $TOMO and tokens with close to zero fee. There will be more yield farming on top of TomoX and other dapp. Pantograph TomoChain twitter.com/kevinhbeardsle…

iPhone : I'm increasingly convinced that the *core thing* about crypto is not it's decentralized, but that it's permissionless.

Decentralization is one means to that end.

This conceptual shift helps explain a lot about what's working and not working in crypto today.

iPhone : #TomoChain loves to hear your suggestions & ideas, especially when it comes to increasing our project's value💪
Which kind of partner do you think would benefit TomoChain’s growth the most? (IT technology, Dapps development, exchanges,..?
Let us know!

iPhone : I am really angry!!!😉

Stop mention all the " Defi " projects without a mainnet😡

People shilling their own investments without some good #research 🤔

$TOMO has it all, and is one of the few REAL #defi projects who has a working product🤷‍♂️

Why is 80% not mention #TOMO 🤔 pic.twitter.com/LKK7LMkfM8