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Twitter for iPad : “Having a daughter does not make a man decent. Having a wife does not make a decent man. Treating people with dignity and respect makes a decent man”

Take 10 mins to watch this in full twitter.com/zachjourno/sta…

iPhone : Please watch this extraordinarily powerful short film by Liana Stewart about the first time people experienced racial abuse, first in a series running all this week on Channel 4 (Warning: Includes highly offensive language) channel4.com/programmes/tak… #Takeyourkneeoffmyneck

iPhone : That’s now Amazon, Google, Facebook all saying not to bother coming into offices until next year and you wouldn’t be surprised if more tech/media companies followed. twitter.com/robaeprice/sta…

Twitter Web App : Really gutted about this. Its a really good show and Jacqui Oatley was doing an excellent job. twitter.com/TeleFootball/s…

iPhone : Kirstie Allsopp I’m really sorry you got so much grief - I just disagreed with you, as you sometimes do with me, I didn’t realise it had turned into a big stupid twitter thing! I hate how toxic this place has become now.

iPhone : Thread (sorry). This piece by Tom McTague was the best thing I read yesterday on John Hume, because instead of hailing him as a saint, it explored the compromises he had to make, and the controversy around some of his decisions. theatlantic.com/international/…

iPhone : Here’s the pitch. If you are looking to start a podcast, need to find someone to edit, record, produce or even present a podcast, or you’re looking for PR or media consultancy, copywriting or general advice, give me a shout.

iPhone : This was my BBC News (UK) report on Wednesday night about some of the causes and consequences of the Beirut blast #BBCNewsTen

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Twitter Web App : After all the crap lockdown news, wanted to share this about a friends son. Frank is obsessed with the bin men, watches out for when they come, has visited recycling plants, etc. Now hes had a bin lorry named after him. twitter.com/letstalkcentra…

iPhone : Should anyone which to pass on any more submissions, my email is in my bio or you can contact the Guardian securely here - theguardian.com/help/ng-intera…

Twitter Web App : and we want you to do that.” What a great way of putting it. I should add, I havent been totally sick of it, as it was an algorithm on Netflix which brought #SellingSunset into my life. But a mixture of both these things is perfect...

iPhone : Understand the quarantine rule will also apply to anyone who transits through Belgium on the way to/from another country (for example, passengers catching the Eurostar from Amsterdam to England)

iPhone : NOW: Channel 4 News has obtained an internal review into the death of Mary Agyapong, 28, who worked as a nurse at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital for five years. Her husband says review raises number of concerns around level of care and treatment she received.

Twitter Web App : America has now had more than 160,000 coronavirus deaths. Its death toll is the highest in the world-- and rising. On the podcast, Ed Pilkington breaks down how the US pandemic response broke down. (Spoiler alert: The POTUS had something to do with it.) theguardian.com/news/audio/202…

Twitter Web App : As part of the government’s new social care testing strategy, from July 3 staff and residents in care homes are to receive regular coronavirus tests.

Are staff now regularly tested?

Policy Editor Lewis Goodall reports 👉bbc.in/33FMZEt


iPhone : Busy morning for this terror:

-Walked over my iPad
-Unmuted the Zoom mic without me noticing
-Let off two miaows for all of @bbcnewsbeat to hear
-Boss: ‘Is there a cat on the Zoom?’

I’m guessing she’s particularly strong views on #Aberdeen’s new lockdown measures 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🐱

TweetDeck : New York attorney general seeks to dissolve National Rifle Association over alleged financial mismanagement.

@katefishertv reports live from Washington DC.


iPhone : Alan White Murdoch doc has been universally praised. Had Les Hinton all through it - much more influential than Kavanagh. Sure McKenzie upset not asked but not sure would be improved by doing that! Whether Murdoch knew about hacking or not he was in charge but then McKenzie knows that.

Twitter Web App : U.S. Senate votes to ban #TikTok app on govt devices.

#US Senate unanimously voted to approve a bill from Sen Josh Hawley banning federal employees from using video-sharing app TikTok on govt-issued devices, amid threats from White House to ban the Co.


Android : New venture now live to offer help, support and guidance to those in football and beyond for issues on and off the field. All ages and levels of the game welcome. stevenreidcoaching.com

Android : While the scientific community are still trying to understand why black and ethnic minority groups are more vulnerable to #COVID19 Runnymede Trust have published a national survey with ICM Unlimited showing how BME grps have been over-exposed & under-protected during the pandemic twitter.com/AnnaCollinson/…

iPhone : Joe Biden: hurts God.

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iPhone : Non-autistic people of the world, please could you imagine something?

Imagine that you notice every sound thats made around you, all the time, and that this gets worse if youre stressed. /1

Twitter Web App : EXCLUSIVE: Couple who say they saw Dominic Cummings on second lockdown trip to Durham complain to police watchdog. No 10 now under pressure to produce the evidence. mirror.co.uk/news/politics/…

iPhone : Update: People arriving in England from Belgium, Andorra and the Bahamas must quarantine from 04.00 on Saturday August 8. If they arrive in Wales, it’s from 00.00 tonight.

iPhone : If you’ve recently got into podcasts during lockdown, this is one of the best. Start from the beginning. twitter.com/georgiajcatt/s…

TweetDeck : He filled the flat with balloons and lit candles - then went out to collect his girlfriend.

She said yes, but also their flat burned down


Twitter Web App : What are your favourite ways for coping with rejection? Mine - well its clearly not a match right now - what I want is not what you want, so we cant be aligned, so this clear no is good news - its clarity.

iPhone : My friend has lost her lovely whippet in W12. Someone grabbed her from outside her house, maybe to sell. Whole family worried sick. Please keep an eye out: doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?d…

Twitter for iPad : You’re absolutely right. Some individual trusts will but most won’t give them out. It’s insane. This really would help everyone. NHS England Media twitter.com/isowman/status…

iPhone : France has recorded its highest number of daily #coronavirus infections in two months. Yesterday saw 1,695 new cases in 24 hours. bbc.co.uk/news/world-eur…

iPhone : Today we confronted the Lebanese Justice Minister on the streets of Beirut. The blast at the port was an ‘accident’ like Chernobyl was an accident. youtu.be/hiqIFAzPzZM via YouTube

iPhone : It’s happened. People coming to the UK from Belgium must quarantine for 14 days. New rule kicks in from 4am Saturday. bbc.com/news/uk-536877…

iPhone : With no other visitors around, George Clarke (and his four-legged friend, Loki the Siberian husky) will explore some of the @NationalTrust’s most remarkable properties in a new Channel 4 series: George Clarkes #NationalTrustUnlocked


Android : Kate and William have fun at Gavin & Stacey amusement arcade, but Nessa is having none of it...
#GavinandStacey #BarryIsland #Royals

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TweetDeck : Ta-ta for now.

Its been a long slog this year, esp with constantly changing Covid news. So Im about to start my usual summer work-break from social media, MSE, telly etc to tune-out and spend a few wks with Mrs & Mini MSE (& maybe the odd round of golf).

Have a lovely summer

iPhone : Ayshah Tull David MacNicol And look how thirsty Vik Patel is for airtime 👀

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iPhone : This was an accident in the way that Chernobyl was an accident - its not that there are one or two people who are responsible, but a whole system of corruption and negligence.

Our International Editor Lindsey Hilsum reports from Beirut.

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iPhone : Lunchtime walk had me marching round Merrion Square with my jaw metaphorically on the ground listening to the latest Missing Cryptoqueen. Cant wait to hear more, but I think I might need to listen to the whole series again. This is the best podcast around by a long shot. twitter.com/JamieJBartlett…

iPhone : Thank you to those twitter friends who kept me packing for my daughter‘s holiday tonight - let’s hope nothing changes over the weekend 🤞 bbc.co.uk/news/uk-536877…

Twitter for iPad : #BREFUL Last comment for now. A million times more gutted about missing out on saying #FarewellGriffinPark than missing out on the Premier League. 🐝

iPhone : Kirstie Allsopp We had a ‘real’ lockdown in my school (in a small village). The police were chasing armed robbers and they abandoned their cars close to our school so we were told to lockdown. We kept it very low key for the children but I don’t think it’s a totally weird thing to practise.

Instagram : When you finish with New Jersey you move to Beverley Hills!
#rhonj to #rhobh #shameonyou 😍 @ Beverly Hills, California instagram.com/p/CDjgsRlFa16/…

Hootsuite Inc. : On this day in 1962, Jamaica gained independence from Britain. Since, Jamaica has remained part of the British Commonwealth, heavily influencing British culture from music to academia; politics to fashion.

Learn more about the countrys rich history: ow.ly/Ujhf50ASA8B

Android : Additionally, its a way that many neurodivergent people show and express empathy and understanding. Classifying everyone who does this as not listening or making it about them is incredibly narrow, when for many its a sign that they ARE listening. Empathy takes many forms. twitter.com/racheline_m/st…

Android : Democrats’ obstruction last week forced the additional federal unemployment benefit to expire. Their obstruction this week will force another deadline: the PPP shuts its doors Saturday. Republicans had plans to keep both from expiring. Democrats have refused them all.

Instagram : #tbt to the most wonderful week in Ibiza! #missyoubeefa #lovelylaura @ Mambo Ibiza instagram.com/p/Bk25rrMAUhC/…

iPhone : Movie Night Snacks

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