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Android : Pride was a riot lead by Black and Brown trans women who were tired of the brutality their community was suffering at the hands of the police. You cant party & forget the people who are STILL fighting. You cant celebrate Pride & turn your back on Black people. #blacklivesmatter

Android : Tomorrow the Govt wants 650 MPs to stand in a giant queue to vote on how the Commons makes decisions from now on. As somebody in the 'vulnerable' category, I am unable to join them.

I am furious that for the first time in my 25 years as an MP I am being denied the right to vote!

Android : Field work has taken me to new places. It use to be hard until I got trained on what to do and expect. I didn’t have the clothes for it until my advisor paid, from his grant. Soon, I get to pass on my knowledge and resources to my students, especially black ones. #BlackInNature

Android : Its Day 2 of #BlackBirdersWeek!
Todays Challenge, #PostABird.🐦Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor). Up close and personal, check out the Release me Human attitude from this cute one. #BlackBirdersWeek

Remember to use that hashtag to participate and #PostABird!

Android : "My silences had not protected me.
Your silence will not protect you." — Audre Lorde

Scientists, now is the time to say it loud and clear: #BlackLivesMatter. 500womenscientists put together a list of tips + resources to communicate your support 👇

Android : “Being a Black scientist is having predominantly white colleagues but hardly ever forming real friendships beyond the lab, because aside from science we can’t be sure of your moral compass... unless you speak up.”

Full post on my IG:

Android : Im a postdoctoral researcher and birder. As part of #BlackBirdersWeek, #BlackInNature and #BlackAFinSTEM, I want to take you to some of my local birding patches around the beautiful city of Malmö in southern Sweden, and show you some of the birds found here. Check it out!

Android : For those of you who have just recently started following me:

Hi, my name is Jaida! I’m a very loud person😂I love all animals but I study elasmobranchs🦈and I start grad school at the University of Washington this fall💜💛 #BlackInNature #BlackAFinSTEM #WomenInSTEM #LGBTinSTEM

Twitter Web App : ATTN: if you need an example of what it looks like for Black ppl to be excluded from birding/outdoor exploration, here’s 1.

Jake Belair asked why his post about #BlackBirdersWeek was taken down from the Tennessee naturalist fb.

This is why #BlackBirdersWeek is NECESSARY.

Twitter Web App : Im a young black paleontologist, geologist, and Paleo/Geo educator in Gwinnett County, Georgia. I enjoy watching modern day dinosaurs. I enjoy unlocking the secrets that are hidden in the rocks around us and sharing the history of 4 billion years. #BlackInNature #BlackAFinSTEM

Twitter Web App : Our aims are simple: we hope to normalise conversations around mental health, break down stigma and help make a better academia for all by creating a safe space for people to share. Ultimately working towards cultural change within academia. 3/

Twitter Web App : I love being #BlackInNature Outdoors is always where I’ve felt the most connected, not only to the living things around me but to myself and my ancestors. In college, solo exploring allowed me to discover myself and open my eyes to the world around me. I belong here.

Android : Keisha ✊🏾 she/her What would happen if you 'distrupted' the power dynamic? And pissed then off? Is it worth it? Could you send one anonymously? I would say an initial email is fine re:power dynamic. Follow up emails and calls would be dicey, but you're call