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Twitter Web App : Riffat Yusuf What she did was mean-spirited, maybe. But I can't begin to understand the level of self-righteous narcissism you'd need to cut off from your own child for good over it.

Twitter Web App : Good for remembering our troubles don't amount to a hill o' beans in this crazy solar system...โ€ฆ

Android : Riffat Yusuf Heath Sledge I just speculated that the smaller the surface area in relation to object size, the slower it would heat up, and superficial googling seems to confirm. Happy to be corrected a scientist, or even anyone dressed like one...

Twitter Web App : Heath Sledge The shape has about the lowest surface-area-to-volume ratio possible. I *think* that means it'll absorb heat slower than other shapes.

Twitter Web App : People use plain English to communicate better with customers, colleagues or the public. Here are a couple of resources that will help editors with plain English. Firstly, a review of the latest edition of the Oxford Guide to Plain English ๐Ÿ™‚ 1/2

Twitter Web App : Kia Thomas Nope. I've done my time living in uncentral-heated flats when I was younger (you tell that to the kids today...). I don't like a very hot house, but when it goes below 18C in the daytime, heating's straight on.

Twitter Web App : It may be #NationalPunctuationDay, but don't correct everyone. Punctuation may be dictated by writing genre, style preferences, & medium (e.g., FB post vs research article) rather than by rules. Clients aren't enticed to work w/ #editors who delight in correcting others publicly.

Twitter Web App : Excellent article here (by one of the award's judges) about the failure to recognise and promote diverse talent in SF writing...

What the Clarke Award data tells us about diversityโ€ฆ via The Bookseller