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Android : Brexiters think parading the world like old colonialists is going to charm the pants of foreign governments to get us exceptional trade deals.

Good luck with that.…

Android : Trumps thugs ramp up the problem so he appears the hero when the confected "riots" are over ......…

Android : “The UK is not racist” - Empire, Grenfell, Windrush, Labelling Mandela a terrorist, widespread inequalities for BAME people, Macpherson Report, PM’s litany of comments, Hostile environment, COVID19, over a 1000 deaths in police custody since the 90s, Go Home Vans, Stop & Search

Android : My son is in jail tonight. He was not looting, he was not violent, he was not breaking any laws. He was put in a van, and taken to jail for peacefully protesting at 4:30 in the afternoon. This is America. And I guess it always was. I just didn't know that. #blacklivesmatter #ATL

Android : The government has taken a fully functioning digital voting system which took 15mins per vote in which all MPs could participate and replaced it with a queuing system taking 45mins per vote in which only 2/3 of MPs can participate. Not a great advert for government effectiveness.

Android : So correct me if I’m wrong here but the UK Gov who unlawfully shut down Parliament and kept MP’s away are now demanding MP’s must be in London at Westminster during a health pandemic, that doesn’t seem to be the actions of a normal functioning state.

Android : Nissan has issued a statement today to say if there’s a no deal Brexit they will close in the UK. If you work at Nissan and voted Tory, you’ve effectively voted yourself out of work - thanks to this man.…

Android : Former Under Secretary of Defense James Miler submits his resignation to SecDef Esper, telling him "Law-abiding protesters just outside the White House were dispersed using tear gas and rubber bullets — not for the sake of safety, but to clear a path for a presidential photo op."

Android : What's the difference between a kilometre long queue at IKEA and a kilometre long queue at parliament?

At IKEA at least you get a decent cabinet at the end.

(stolen from a friend).

Android : tory mp paul maynard, who has cerebral palsy, complaining that as he is in the vulnerable catagory, not being able to vote as parliament opens has left him feeling marginalised, victamised and invisable

he knows how disabled people have been feeling for the last ten years then?

Android : Dominic Cummings: Council investigates planning permission complaints over Durham lockdown 'cottage'.

You're welcome.…