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Android : Joe Biden seems to forget who he’s running against: We need to stop four more years of George

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Android : Jill is like a ventriloquist with Joe as her dummy cautiously whispering that Joe is actually running against Trump and not George Bush.

Would she do the same for him if he was in a meeting with Putin or Xi or would they let Hunter handle that since he’s already on the payroll?…

Android : Amazing how fast the wagons were circled on this explanation

1) Jill clearly thinks he's misremembering the President's name, she mouths "Trump"

2) "4 more years of George Lopez" makes even less sense than George Bush, whose admin Biden ran to replace in 2008…

Android : And now Biden’s campaign is claiming Biden was talking about George Lopez. Because as everyone knows, George Lopez was also President for four years.…

Android : Stop lying. Joe Biden was not talking about George Lopez, you can hear Jill Biden whisper “Trump” to help Joe remember.
This is elder abuse. Everyone knows Joe is not firing on all cylinders. Everyone…

Android : The New York Post story about Hunter Biden still locked out of Twitter and FaceBook? 4th largest paper in America founded by Alexander Hamilton. Just not good enough?

Android : This is Nazi. Fascist beaten Jews back in the day. That's what Biden's Antifa is doing now.…