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iPhone : Sean Quenzer I’ll post up close shots tomorrow. They show the 5 steps of the design thinking cycle. We laser cut them out of EDF and used colored tissue paper behind them. Jake McCullough was the mastermind behind them.

iPhone : 1/2 Main take away from 1st day back: I went into education because working w/ young people is fun & so fulfilling. I know this because seeing them today after 3 months away was fantastic. It was a great reminder. #schoolsreopening #whyiteach #education #teaching

iPhone : Who knew a cafeteria full of loud, smelly 6th graders would be one of the best things I’ve seen all year? So Good to have them back. #kispride #teacherappreciation #schoolsreopening #welcomeback

iPhone : Myles Webb Thank you! Sadly we’ve only got a few class periods left so we are focused on mostly digital design for the remainder of the year. Next year will be the real challenge with tool use and collaboration.

iPhone : Hey look! I’ve got physical students! For the first time since February! We are a bit spread out though. And collaboration is a bit different but we are back. #kispride #remotelearning #ReopeningSchools #students

iPhone : Students are back at KIS tomorrow! Grades PK -2, 6, and 9. I’m hyped. It’s been 3 months since kids have been on campus. It’ll be chaos, but that’s ok. #schoolsreopening #kispride #changeisgood

Twitter Web App : Today during virtual school:
"Hey Student, you didn't finish X."
"I know. I sent you an email w/ questions."
"You did? No. I didn't see that."
Me, furiously checking. Sees email from days ago.
"Oh, yeah you did. My bad."
"Don't worry, it's cool."
#distancelearning #flexibility

iPhone : Throwback to when I learned that when ordering equipment for your #makerspace always make sure to double check the dimensions. These C clamps were a bit smaller than anticipated. #measuretwice

Twitter Web App : We had graduation in person yesterday. It was a little different, but that's ok. I'm so happy for these kids. It's nice for them to get a win. Congratulations class of 2020. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. #ClassOf2020 #classof2020strong #Graduation2020 twitter.com/kispride/statu…

iPhone : Its time to dim the 💡 because you have tickets to the Shadow Theatre! What shapes will you make first?! #LetsBuildTogether

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iPhone : If you’re curious our senior class was small (about 80). Each student was allowed 2 guests and we got a professional crew to film it and will livestream it today. Pics are from rehearsal yesterday.

iPhone : It’s a beautiful day for an in person, but socially distant graduation. Congratulations #ClassOf2020 I’ll miss you. You were awesome students. Sorry your senior year was chaos. I appreciate your flexibility. Pictures by Tammie Ramsey #kispride #whyiteach

iPhone : Preparations come to life as rehearsals echo throughout campus. #KISPride #classof2020

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iPhone : That being said, I may have only half-jokingly yelled at a gaggle of seniors to, “hey practice better social distancing you little disease vectors! But congratulations for real!” Many mixed emotions seeing them on campus today. #SocialDistancing #ClassOf2020