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Android : "...neglected the bedsores ... for so long that a rotting ulcer ate deep into her leg, exposing her shinbone through blackened flesh."

We knew how bad LTC was in 2015! Covid-19 has made it clear again.…

End for-profit LTC. Vote #ONDP! #onpoli

Android : so we all know the Irving layoffs are a power move to force their rate hike through the EUB, right?

just making sure we’re all on the same page. Irving is using people’s livelihoods as poker chips in their game. more layoffs will come - this was a warning shot

Android : Meet William McCall Calhoun... a Georgia attorney who was denied bail for his part in the Capitol riots.…

Android : This has now been confirmed by a Capitol official: Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) tried to bring a gun onto the House floor today.

(I also witnessed the whole thing and saw him try to give his gun to another member.)…

Android : Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests she's been targeted by Twitter for being a conservative who hurts scoldy people's feelings.

In reality, she's been serially inaccurate. Here's a fact check of 11 false claims she's tweeted in the last month alone:…

Twitter Web App : Our volunteers are sounding the alarm that states with particularly lax gun laws — like Alabama — are vulnerable to attacks by gun extremists.

Twitter Web App : Fauci has more shade for the Trump administration

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Twitter Web App : Newt Gingrich was probably the most important proto-Trump — exactly the same cynicism, demagoguery and hatefulness. Here Gingrich is today, piously calling for unity, along with what Gingrich explained in 1989 about his actual political strategy.

Android : DC police just surrounded a group of BIPOC friends from LA and are detaining & questioning them without probable cause. It looks like they will *not* be arrested, but this is BS. ChuckModi Black House News DC Youth Liberation Front

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Android : Second thread. This one from last night’s action at the Portland ICE building by the reporter who was later taken to the emergency room:…

Android : Racist woman in Arizona says the n-word & gets her face shoved

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Android : conservative: so a janitor should make $15 an hour?

me: yes

conservative: and i guess kids flipping burgers should make $15 an hour?

me: yes

conservative: next you’re gonna tell me that grocers shou-

me: did you just have this list of people you don’t respect ready to go

Android : And back to reality - a reminder that before Trump, #GWBush was the worst president & his legacy of perpetual violence continues tragically. Deep condolences #Baghdad…

Android : When the history books are written, the only parts of Trump's presidency anyone will remember are the Capitol raid and the 400,000+ Americans he condemned to death with his incompetence…

Android : Cowardly English racists racially abused a teenage girl On the TransPennine Express service at Glasgow Central
They were quoted as saying What we have learned while we have been in Glasgow today is they have n******. Monkeys.
The abuse was constant nobody deserves this

Android : EXCLUSIVE: A newly-released video shows Vallejo, California, police officer Michael “Kent” Tribble beating 29-year-old Enrique Cruz inside a jail cell in 2012. Tribble has since been promoted.…