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Android : Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi says parents wanting to home school their children or choose online learning, will be accommodated. At a media briefing today, Lesufi says e-learning material will be made available and sick and special needs learners will also be given support.

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Android : It’s bad enough he was wrongfully incarcerated for 37 years… To now go on and chop onions in my office, is not cool!! 😩 😩 twitter.com/SimonCowell/st…

Android : This is Archie Williams. I will never forget this audition for the rest of my life. And I’ll never listen to this song in the same way ever again.

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Android : Thank you Mr President for easing lockdown and as we prepare to enter level 3. We can now prepare to bring our 40 laid off employees back. Our company is still not yet out of the woods. But I’m confident with them back on board. We can propel the company forward.#brimalogistics

Android : Queens College never misses 😭🔥

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Android : Jeff Sessions was a disaster as Attorney General. He shouldve never been Attorney General, hes not qualified, hes not mentally qualified to be Attorney General -- wow, what idiot gave Sessions that job in the first place?

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Android : Columbia is a liberal, disgraceful institution -- Trump to Sharyl Attkisson on Columbia University study that found 30,000 lives couldve been saved had his federal government recommended social distancing measures just one week earlier

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Android : JUB JUB is everything on this show guys a:

✅Cab driver
✅ Troublemaker 😅
✅ Vimba guy 😅

#uyajola99Sunday #uyajola99