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Bio President TRUMP Supporter BEFORE Day 1! USArmy-5yrs. I too have a mission! Let us all work DILIGENTLY to save this GLORIOUS REPUBLIC!
DEMOKKKRATS need not apply

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Android : Thank you Water Di for your encouragement, also for including me on your train! I have followed everyone and retweeted all…

Android : Frequent episodes of trembling and jerking so bad that I am unable to tweet or build trains, in addition to the many debilitating physical problems I am already battling have caused me to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by. I miss you all so much! Earl...

Android : Breaking: Went to visit mom yesterday. A life long D. (She did vote for Trump in 2016 at my recommendation) We're in Cali. Primary ballots are due soon and she asked me 'where's Trump on here?' I said he won't be on the D ballot. She said switch me to R then.


She's 74