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iPhone : When will Democrats learn to fight these damn Republicans. They do not have the votes to eliminate the filibuster. They do not have the votes to include the $15 minimum wage in the Covid bill. Just do a damn single issue Bill; nothing else in it. Send it to the Senate.

iPhone : If the Democrats get a Bill through the House that just sets the minimum wage at $15. Not one other thing in it. A single page Bill. Make the damn Republicans vote against it. Manchin and Sinema too. Do this for America

iPhone : John Pavlovitz What people worry about in #OH4:

-health care costs
-finding jobs they can raise a family on
-affording retirement

What Jim Jordan works on:
-"cancel culture"

I'm running to work on the issues that matter to working folks in our district. Please RT/follow to join our team.

iPhone : “Her twisted conspiracy theories might have made her famous, but they haven’t done a damn thing to help the people here in our district.” Democratic military veteran Marcus Flowers launches challenge against QAnon-promoting Rep. Marjorie Greene. #gapol…

iPhone : NEWS: Grand Jury empaneled in Georgia, as prosecutors are going to appear soon to ask for subpoenas in their probe into Trump's election fraud:…

iPhone : Dan Crenshaw does not want you to retweet this ad. Please retweet it.

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iPhone : Pelosi and Schumer can get a $15 minimum wage. Even Manchin and Sinema would not vote against it and there is a chance for a couple of Republicans. People want this. Stop playing into McConnells hands

iPhone : Can we get 3,000 RT's on this? Seditionist Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley doesn't even live in Missouri, he uses his sisters address. You can help us spread the word in Missouri that Hawley doesn't even live in the state with a retweet & small contribution…

iPhone : Lindsey is broken beyond repair.
This is about as bad as it gets folks.…

iPhone : The coordinated assault on voting rights that is unfolding across the country is a red alarm situation. It’s a direct attack on democracy.…

iPhone : PAY

Scoop: Ex-Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale launches super PAC ahead of 2022 midterms… via Yahoo

iPhone : Cosplay for seditionists!

From Heather Gardner & 🪙🪙🪙

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