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iPhone : 2/ Rep. Larry Hogan Sr, R-Md., is best known for his courageous votes for impeaching Nixon during Watergate in 1974.

Public officials can try but often they cannot write their own legacies. They are also sometimes remembered for their cowardice.

iPhone : If you had done your job, America's governors wouldn't have been forced to fend for themselves to find tests in the middle of a pandemic, as we successfully did in Maryland.

Stop golfing and concede.…

iPhone : “Twitter is filmed before a live studio audience.” Hi honey I’m *screams of anguish track plays for 22 minutes*

iPhone : So Biden is nominating a highly qualified civil servant with zero name recognition for Secretary of State? Wow, all I can say is, he has a lot to learn about Twitter and its needs.

iPhone : I'm enraged to have to feel relieved because a President, sulkily and weeks late, does the bare mininum. I'll take it, but anyone who says this is "meeting Democrats halfway" or "making a compromise"....NOPE.

iPhone : Never forget that the big plan these scumbags had for reversing the election was to convince judges that Black voters cheat.…

iPhone : Do other people’s Thanksgivings operate the way my house did where dinner might be ready any time between 3pm and 9:30pm and the people cooking get very angry if you ask

iPhone : 3yo: why do you have rips in your jeans?

Me: I’m a badass.

[looks at my butt]

3yo: looks good to me.