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iPhone : Thelonious Abstract What’s your definition of “direct contact?” I’m camping in a camper w/spouse this weekend, bike riding on trails past lots of other bikers and runners, some wearing masks, some not. I haven’t worn a mask for biking, but did so to pick up food and in a store. Does that seem safe?

iPhone : Marco Rubio Thank you sir for being willing to call this out, but I feel it would be even more effective if you mentioned President Trump by name. nytimes.com/2020/01/27/us/…

iPhone : This Independence Day, please rededicate yourself to the struggle to ensure that it won’t be the LAST Independence Day we celebrate together as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Retweet to signal your rededication — and make sure you do all you can.

iPhone : Rapid Arctic meltdown in Siberia alarms scientists - Wildfires are raging amid ­record-breaking temperatures. Permafrost is thawing, infrastructure is crumbling and sea ice is dramatically vanishing. washingtonpost.com/climate-enviro…

iPhone : Our founding promise has never been guaranteed. Each generation has been called to bring us a little closer to our highest ideals—and history’s calling on us right now. So let’s all do whatever we can to help Joe Biden expand that promise to all Americans. twitter.com/JoeBiden/statu…

iPhone : This Fourth of July, 70 artists are spreading messages across the skies. Phrases like “Care Not Cages" and “Unseen Mothers” will hover above 80 U.S. locations — including detention facilities, immigration courts, prisons, borders and historic sites. nyti.ms/2C4PIeA

iPhone : Dani Oliver I very literally just today published something on Medium about my own 11 wk bout, & the Twitter Trolls who made doubting me into a quarantine project.

I am so, so sorry that you are still struggling. I send you love & solidarity & thanks for your story.

iPhone : This use of the word "fascism" is completely outrageous, inappropriate, inaccurate, ahistorical, and an insult to the families of tens of millions of Americans and others who lost loved ones killed by real fascists in concentration camps and on the battlefield. Just shameful. twitter.com/atrupar/status…

iPhone : Our nation was founded on a simple idea: Were all created equal. Weve never lived up to it — but weve never stopped trying. This Independence Day, lets not just celebrate those words, lets commit to finally fulfill them. Happy #FourthOfJuly!

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