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Android : why dont you just watch danny elfman do a little dance and maybe youll calm down.

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Android : eric and I helped my little brother clean his room today and I feel very good about making pickle's space more comfortable

help the depressed teens in your life clean their rooms 🥺

Android : I’m getting kinda tired of these shows featuring teenagers being overly fucken sexual like wtf? Like being a teen isn’t all about having sex n drugs , I feel like shows don’t know how to portray teens in any other way. It feels really fucking sus to me idk

Android : the more I remember, the more actual garbage I hoarded. 😳 like I had this empty card tin that I dumped salted sunflower seeds into in 6th grade and then proceeded to keep for six years "Just in case"

my room was still the cleanest and most organized room in my parents house 🤧

Android : I also had this fucked up jar with a bunch of gross shit in it that grew mold and stuff. I cant even remember now what all was in the jar. I think it started as old paint water and incense ashes but I kept adding more gross shit to it.

this was displayed proudly in my bedroom

Android : I did this in my bedroom as well. over a tea light. iirc, I impaled the gummi bear on a safety pin and tried to roast it like a marshmallow, totally not accounting for it being GELATIN AND SUGAR. it melted way faster than expected and went up in flames. scared the shit out of me.