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iPhone : CDFIs play a critical role in providing under-served communities access to #PPPloans. Glad the administration continues to support these critical institutions. #PPPworks…

Twitter for iPad : Great progress has been made on matters of race in America

But it’s dishonest to pretend it’s no longer a factor

It may manifest itself differently than it once did,but it’s still present

And not just in our hearts, but in our actions

Twitter for iPad : 100000 #Covid_19 deaths is tragic

Big most these stories with the spectacular headlines ignore a key data point


Senior’s in these settings should be a top focus of our prevention efforts…

Twitter for iPad : Good news!

USCIS will soon resume #NewUSCitizen ceremonies. These soon to be fellow citizens are Americans by choice & did it the right way.

They are a special part of the American story & one of the things that makes our nation so special.…

Twitter for iPad : Two big lessons from what the Communist Party is doing to #HongKong:

1. They will sign virtually any deal because if/when it suits them they will break any commitments they have made;

2.What they are doing today to HK is what they have in mind for #Taiwan down the road

Twitter for iPad : Local media reports #nonprofit CDC MoFi has funded over $22 million in #PPPloans, helping 800 #smallbiz in #Montana and #Idaho. The average loan size was $25k. #PPPworks…

Twitter for iPad : Virtually every security threat faced by this nation can be tracked back to one of five sources:
-North Korea

Good work by FBI & local law enforcement in #Florida to prevent a terrorist attack in #TampaBay.…

Twitter for iPad : If I tweeted something controversial I might “trend” on Twitter......

But instead I decided to post this analysis of my view that to save capitalism we need to incentivize the creation of manufacturing jobs & requires more products to be made in the U.S…

Twitter for iPad : Good move to address #China using some students at our universities to steal research & advance military capabilities

This must be addressed in a targeted way while rejecting xenophobia

Remember, China’s govt often entraps its own people into this…

Twitter for iPad : Deindustrialization, racial discrimination, & the case for common good capitalism.

Read my post here:

Twitter for iPad : Your eyes saw me unformed;in your book all are written down;
my days were shaped, before one came to be.

Psalms 139:16

Twitter for iPad : The #MaduroRegime is not a government

It is a transnational criminal organization with extensive individual ties to terror groups like #Hezbollah & a real threat to the national security interests of the United States.…

Twitter for iPad : I will soon release a bill to incentivize drug companies to leave #China & return manufacturing to the U.S., especially #PuertoRico

This will help Puerto Rico recover economically & it will protect our national security.…

Twitter for iPad : Disappointing that we have no launch today but it was the right call 100%

You take no chances on these things. Launch will happen, maybe as early as Saturday.

Twitter for iPad : Watch live as (weather permitting) NASA in partnership with SpaceX launches American astronauts into space on our own rockets!


iPhone : The Communist Party of #China has walked back its commitment to One Country,Two Systems in #HongKong

I applaud President Trump for taking the necessary steps under my Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act & not allowing Beijing to profit from breaking the Sino-British Joint Declaration

Twitter for iPad : My #HongKong bill passed late last year required ⁦Department of State⁩ to certify each year whether Hong Kong was politically autonomous from #China

Today ⁦⁦Secretary Pompeo⁩,in the first certification under our bill has concluded it no longer is.…

Twitter for iPad : Small businesses play a critical role in the #SpaceIndustry & NASA programs. #PPPloans are supporting this sector, including a woman-owned #smallbiz in #Colorado that used a #PPPloan to keep its 27 employees paid. #PPPworks…