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iPhone : Notice: almost all Republican messaging right now is that [insert Democrat] *says* they’re moderate but will actually take orders from AOC or others painted as “extreme.”

Meanwhile, every Republican in a big GA race rushes to take pictures with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

iPhone : Eric Teusink That was one of those Hail Mary conspiracy theory things. There was a whole thing during Obama about the IRS going after Tea Party groups. As it turned out, Tea Party groups just had a habit of playing it fast and loose with their tax status — but the myth lives on.

iPhone : Amash is absolutely that guy at a party in 2003 that you warn everyone not to ask about monetary policy.…

iPhone : Chris Swan I love debates and think that even when not their best are an essential part of democracy. Plus, I still have to live with whoever wins so I might as well know what promises to hold them to.

iPhone : kevin baker 💾 I just recently started doing this and it seems to have been the key to unlocking a good reading habit for me. Currently working a LBJ Bio, Volume 2 of The Expanse, a humor/sci-fi hybrid type thing, and a history of my grandparents hometown in KY. Mood, I guess, determines