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iPhone : watching kyungsoo in that 35mins live for the nth time and i still can’t get enough of him!

iPhone : ً No no no no no
Baby don’t say you want no liar
No no no no no
Baby don’t say you want no bad guy
jinshiri geojitboda apaseo (No no no no)
du soneuro gwireul mangneun neo

iPhone : Trending at no.13☺️
exo channel subscribers keep increasing✨

D.O. 디오 괜찮아도 괜찮아 (Thats okay) Live Clip 🖤
watch here: youtu.be/zR043fcuV0Y

#kyungsoo #도경수 #디오 #ギョンス

iPhone : good morning, kyungsoo🖤
that’s okay always put my mind and heart at ease.😌
#디오버블 #경수버블

iPhone : 1 million views on V Live for Kyungsoos live version of Thats Okay! 🥳🥳🥳

D.O. 디오 괜찮아도 괜찮아 (Thats okay) Live Clip
🔗 youtu.be/zR043fcuV0Y
🔗 vlive.tv/video/234153

#ThatsOkay #DOHKYUNGSOO #도경수 EXO

iPhone : kyungsoo saying good night. i’m gonna have sweet dreams from now on.🥰 #디오버블 #경수버블

iPhone : Kyungsoo’s That’s Okay live clip has moved up to #4 in worldwide YouTube trends! Let’s keep it going ❤️


#도경수 #디오 #DO (D.O.) #DohKyungSoo EXO twitter.com/in_ksoomissedi…

iPhone : [#VLIVE] 그 옛날 고구려 백제 신라의 삼국통일이 있었다면‼️ 바야흐로 2021년 1월 26일엔 케이팝 연대기에 길이 남을 대통합 D.O.의 전역 라이브가 있었다🔥❣️ 역시 우리 경수.. 그냥 존재 자체가 History구요📚 시간이 지나도 여전히 귀여운 피터팬입니다🧚‍♂️

▶️ vlive.tv/video/234191

#EXO #엑소

iPhone : the photo with kyungsoo that was posted last december 2020.🖤 twitter.com/mystic_doh/sta…

iPhone : Click on the links and stay for a few seconds ☺️

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