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Twitter for iPad : Check out what we were up to this week last year.
#Hollywood #scriptwriting #amwriting…

Twitter for iPad : Thanks for sharing the video Matt Holt
We had fun didn’t we?
I need to pen some more words!

Twitter for iPad : I have so many happy memories of #Hollywood this week last year.
#amwriting #amediting
Writers everywhere, it’s possible!
Try your hand at writing a never know where it’ll take you.…

Twitter Web App : That hour went very quickly! Thank you to all that joined in tonight.
For more writerly chatter, join us every Wednesday 8pm-9pm UK time. Search and use the hashtag #writingchat
We're a friendly crowd, so jump in and ask us anything.
Until next time...Goodnight. 😀

Twitter Web App : I stopped writing for 18 months while I was in France 2018-2019. Creativity and imagination can't be forced. #writingchat…

Twitter Web App : Aidan Parr Writes Angela Barton 📚📖🖋 Hello Aidan and welcome to #writingchat - We're a friendly bunch, glad to have you along with us.
Search and use the hashtag to find all the writerly chatter, although there is only 5 minutes left this evening. We're here every Wednesday 8pm-9pm UK time.

Twitter Web App : E. Battista-Parsons Is it fun? Ooer and welcome to #writingchat - Search on our hashtag to find the conversations and jump in! You'll be made very welcome.
And do use the hashtag for any comment and then we'll all see you.
We're a friendly crowd.

Twitter Web App : Maria Smith Wendy S. Delmater #writingchat In addition to what Maria said, please remember to use the hashtag in your replies. Some of us are using Tweetdeck and might miss replies that don't have the hashtag :).

Twitter Web App : Wendy S. Delmater I'm working two characters, in alternate chapters. One in first person and one in third. I'm loving it for all the reasons you mention.
Welcome to #writingchat - search the hashtag and join in the chat. We're a friendly bunch and you're very welcome.

Twitter Web App : AJ Dunn Excellent! My sort of story and welcome to #writingchat 😀
There's a bunch of writers here chatting about POV, just search the hashtag. Feel free to jump into any conversation.

Twitter Web App : Mark Syder Stephen Allsop 🔶️ Single third means the same person tells the story all the through the book.
Tight or close third person focuses right in on emotions and expressions of the character...
Anyone else got a better way of explaining it?

Twitter Web App : Sheila Crosby I like doing that too. I can't be doing with authors head hopping in a scene!
Good reason to chuck a book to one side!