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Twitter Web App : feifei @ uni hell check your pulse, it could be anywhere from anxiety to dehydration... ect. Tbh most of the time i feel palpitation/my pulse is when im stressed, and sometimes i dont even notice im stressed

Twitter Web App : today is a good night to start reading fgep, and subsequently ruin my school life

Twitter for iPad : More n more ppl r reading jwqs.. yess... yeeeessssss -rubs hands like a little fly-

Twitter Web App : wip ,,,,, i wish all Morally dubious twinks a very Righteous and inhumanly ethereal boyfriend

Twitter Web App : And just for the record, the Huff Post article mentions I reside in Texas. I DO NOT RESIDE IN TEXAS. I live, love, cry, laugh, and write in EL PASO. It is a city, a county, a countryβ€”and is also my heart. Try not to piss me off. Journalists ought to do their homework.

Twitter Web App : kushina shoulda been hokage (and for all i care, minato couldve been the jinchuriki(

Twitter Web App : Should I make a thread abt the Wangxian Mer au I made last year that I have in my head completely developed with multiple arcs but have drawn like 2 things for it not even related to the merfolk? I wanted to draw a whole comic for it but... i realized i cant do that