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Twitter Web App : I saw The Fast and the Furious this week. It struck me how balletic it was, so I put the soundtrack from West Side Story over it. I feel like I've discovered something important.

Twitter Web App : AT&T How come you are sending me letters threatening to refer my account to a collections agency, even after I've spent hours on the phone speaking with multiple customer service representatives who have assured me the issue is taken care of and that this wouldn't happen

iPhone : chloe lee Happy belated! Also when you say voice note, can you do that on Twitter now because I’ve been wishing you could do audio-only posts on Twitter for years and years. Also happy belated!

Twitter Web App : Hearty White Because when I've heard versions other than the 1970 concept album that I grew up with, I'm always like, "The voices are different! The orchestration isn't 1970 enough! That guy's not supposed to be able to hit that note!"

Anyway. You make an excellent DJ.

Twitter Web App : Hearty White (Not wishing to show disrespect)

(Jesus is cool)

Speaking of, your record-playing show really cheered me up, and you were spot on about the voices in Jesus Christ Superstar, and how we like the particular version that first had an effect on us.

Twitter Web App : Hearty White I guess it wasn't mishearing so much as replacing foreign words with ones I did know.

Which I didn't know at the time that those foreign words were the words Jesus said on the cross, but looking back on it I did pick an appropriate, if inappropriate, replacement.

Twitter Web App : Hearty White This reminded me of a story from when I was five or so in the back of my mom's car, the radio was playing a song by Amy Grant called El Shaddai, and I'd sing along, "I shall die, I shall die..."

But now I'm questioning whether I misheard it or intentionally misheard it.

Twitter Web App : (That dream happened a while ago. It just crossed my mind because it would’ve been MLB opening day today.)

(As for the dream I had last night, it involved me searching desperately for my god dog while continually running into similar but different dogs.) (9/90)

Twitter Web App : (I had a really cool dream where I shared an office cubicle with Clayton Kershaw and I might like to tell it here some time.) (8/90)

Twitter Web App : Oh yeah, so when I said my next 90 tweets will be about Stephen Sondheim, I meant to say my next 90 tweets will be about Stephen Sondheim and also baseball. (7/90)

Twitter Web App : But hey now, a Sondheim concert wouldn’t be a Sondheim concert without Mandy Patinkin. Not that this is a Sondheim concert, but if it was, it wouldn’t be without Mandy Patinkin. (6/90)

Twitter Web App : But I looked at the news the other day and it gave me the feeling there might not be gala concerts going on soon. So I started imagining one instead.

So anyway that’s why I animated Fred Schneider of the B-52s singing Finishing the Hat, I hope it all makes sense now. (5/90)

Twitter Web App : Why a gala concert? Well Sondheim’s age (in years) is divisible by 10 this year, and that’s important. Not as important as being divisible by 25, but still. (4/90)

Twitter Web App : So any Sondheim-lover such as myself had been looking forward to his birthday this year, hopeful there might be some gala concert staged in his honor (and that some telecast or bootleg of it might be findable on the Internet). (3/90)

Twitter Web App : Oh yeah, I meant to say yesterday, in honor of Stephen Sondheim’s 90th birthday, my next 90 tweets will be all about Stephen Sondheim. (2/90)

Twitter Web App : Here’s a highlight from the Sondheim 90th birthday concert that didn’t happen tonight. Happy birthday, Steve.