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Twitter Web App : On the president's schedule Saturday: he departs his NJ golf club to attend a couple of Trump Victory fundraisers in The Hamptons on Long Island. He has a 3rd event Sunday in NJ, that are expected to raise a total of $15-million for his campaign, the RNC and state parties.

Twitter Web App : WH announces Pres Trump will host WH meeting on Aug 20th with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi. Statement calls it "a critical time" for efforts by US & Iraq to ensure defeat of ISIS and also Coronavirus. Will be the 3rd foreign leader visit to the WH since end of March.

Twitter Web App : WH elaborates on Pres Trump's phone call today with Pres Aoun of Lebanon. Statement says Trump offered "deepest condolences" for the loss of lives in the Beirut explosion. No reference to "attack." Reaffirmed US commitment to provide emergency supplies and other support.

Twitter Web App : Asked about foreign threats to the integrity of the 2020 Election, Pres Trump says the biggest risk is mail-in ballots. Says its much easier for adversaries to forge ballots. Thats one of the things well have to look at, he says.

Twitter Web App : Pres says he thinks he can sign the Executive Order relief measures "by the end of the week." He says WH lawyers are currently working on the orders. He's confident he's got the authority to issue the orders, but "probably we'll get sued," he says.

Twitter Web App : Over next two weeks, Pres Trump says hell be working on a major Executive Order, requiring health insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions for all of its customers.

Twitter Web App : Pres says WH working in good faith to reach agreement with Democratic leaders on a relief bill, but "tragically," he says Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer continue to insist on "left wing policies" that have nothing to do with Coronavirus.

Twitter Web App : Pres Trump says if no agreement reached on a relief bill, hell take executive action including:
-defer payroll taxes to end of the year
-extend enhanced unemployment benefits to years end
-extend moratorium on evictions
-defer student loan payments and interest indefinitely.

Twitter Web App : Balltoom at his NJ Golf Club being set up for Pres Trumps news conference, now set for 715pm/ET.

Twitter Web App : Pres posts topics for his news conference at 7pm/ET:…

Twitter Web App : Pres Trump will hold a news conference at 7PM/ET at his golf club in Bedminster NJ. He's expected to announce executive action to provide relief to American workers in the absence of a deal with Congress on a relief bill.

Twitter Web App : WH Natl Security Advisor Robert O'Brien mourns passing of predecessor Brent Scowcroft, who served under Presidents Ford and GHW Bush. "One of the most distinguished individuals" to serve in the job, says O'Brien. Says Scowcroft "set the standard for "effective leadership."

Twitter Web App : Latest WH/Dem Ldr talks produce no deal on a Coronavirus relief bill. With Steven Mnuchin at his side, WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, says they will now encourage Pres Trump to take executive action to alleviate some of the pain Americans are feeling.

Twitter Web App : At joint news conference, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said they were willing to reduce the Democratic relief bill by a trillion dollars if WH/GOP increased their plan by a trillion. They rejected it totally, said Schumer. Says WH/GOP wants to spend as little as possible.

Twitter Web App : Pres Trump authorizing FEMA to "maximize assistance" to California by funding 100% of the cost of National Guard units under state control, engaged in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic. Last week Trump reduced the Federal cost share to 75% for most states including CA.

Twitter Web App : WH says Pres Trump spoke today with French Pres Macron
about the calamity in Beirut, both expressing "deep sadness over the loss of life and devastation." Statement says they also discussed importance of extending the UN arms embargo on Iran.

Twitter Web App : WH talks with Democratic Leaders to resume this afternoon on relief bill.…

Twitter Web App : In joint statement, Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer say jobs report shows economic recovery "is losing steam" and more investments "still urgently needed" to protect American lives and livelihoods. Says they remain committed to negotiations but WH & GOP "appear ready to walk away."

Twitter Web App : Kudlow told reporters at the WH driveway stakeout, that todays jobs report and drop in the unemployment rate to 10.2%, reinforces his belief that the rate will drop into the single digits, way before November.

Twitter Web App : Every now and then, even us old guys like a little pat on the back, says Larry Kudlow, telling reporters he was on the phone with Pres Trump, who praised his appearances on cable news this morning hailing the new jobs report and drop in the unemployment rate.