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Twitter Web App : Rick Garnett Yes, such as that if a government contracts out to a private party the power to determine if other private parties are eligible under state law to be foster parents, it can't allow the delegee to refuse to certify Catholics & other nonProtestants. Radical!

Twitter Web App : Nate Silver Nate: Does your model assume there might be material changes in the Biden/Trump choices of a material number of voters over the next 83 days? If so, doesn't that sort of fluidity seem deeply unlikely this year? Doesn't everything depend on who votes and whose votes are counted?

Twitter Web App : Our local (and worldwide) hero and role model. This is typical: I'll run into him at our local farmers' market and just a few days later he's 5800 miles away, feeding those in need!…

Twitter Web App : Juliette Kayyem "we did it in a somewhat disjointed way" [subtext: "because under Trump our national government is now entirely worthless, unlike every other nation on the planet"]

"we have a very interesting way of government" [Fauci] is certainly one euphemistic way of putting it

Twitter Web App : I think it very self-consciously evokes those great works, among others--but it's far from being merely derivative. Can't get it out of my head two days later.

Twitter Web App : Re-upping this b/c, well, what's Twitter good for if not proselytizing about things you love? If, like me, you adore Persona and The Piano and Days of Heaven/The New World and Jeanne Dielman and Vermeer, this film is for you.…

Twitter Web App : Paul Rosenzweig If, like me, you love Persona and The Piano and Days of Heaven/The New World, this is the film for you. (I think it's very self-consciously evoking those films, among others.)

Twitter Web App : Sarah Posner I think that does describe, many, Sarah, but for Graham the explanation is much simpler, and he's admitted it: *All* he cares about is being in the room where it happens and having real or apparent influence. Full stop.