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Bio 23 She/Her Call me however you want! Im a peachy macaroon tryna be a cochina in peace. Problematic multifandom multiship. NO MINORS❗️DONT QRT❗️AGE IN YOUR BIO❗️
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iPhone : “I don’t know why you perverts are arguing—it wasn’t hard for ME to wait until morty was 18”
“Shut UP, kiddy diddler—but we all know Mr law and order here only waited so long cause he’s a PUSSY and his MORTY had to make the first move”

iPhone : We heard some crazy loud ass noises from outside, turns out they’re digging up the road??? At 9pm??? Ok then???

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iPhone : Theyre probably looking for a place to eat and rest for the night after a cold day of investigations. But I feel like these two would never be cold as long as theyre together.
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