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Bio Love & respect our land, our sea, our planet, her creatures all. We share the earth, we dont own it. Our job is to care. So tired of the greed.
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Android : Did Mary Hart just do what I think she did?!?

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Android : 75 years since the death of one of our greatest. “I’ve had a tough day,” he said before he went to sleep at The Lodge. They found him dead at No Prime Minister has ever been so much mourned.

Android : I am so disappointed by the pile up on Dan Andrews. He is acting quickly, responding to need. He didn’t authorise quarantine arrangements- DHHS did. And VIC Liberal campaigning for release of restrictions not mentioned! Lighten up on our Premier David Speers #Insiders

Android : Sharri Markson Linda Silmalis The article (not paywalled??!) says Hawke is centre right and David Elliot is conservative. Hawke is a RW pentacostal and Elliot has been branch stacking right wing religious NJs in NSW, for years. So the Liberal Party has completely gone over to the dark side.

Android : AND A REMINDER of the warrant the armed AFP officers used to enter the ABC building last year. It gave them power to "add, copy, delete or alter" documents in the ABC's computers. This would never happen in US or UK. But it can happen in Iran, Saudi Arabia, China & North Korea.…

Android : Ewart Dave 🎺 💧Pauline Carr 💧 Early retirement, he's handed the country over to the state premiers and he's got his mates doing all that business stuff. The AFP running his protection racket so his agenda is clear at the minute. Just has to pray and watch the sharks, jobs done

Android : It's a terrible situation I hoped never to see but how much worse is it than being locked down in hotel quarantine where the rooms are even smaller? #auspol…

Android : .David Speers the SFF have three strong NSW lower house MPs who have campaigned strongly on water, Murray Darling and CSG...all big Fed as well as State both jurisdictions their concerns have been ignored. Could something to do with you the voting pattern tonight.