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🧚🏾🧚🏾shy & ready to d i e 🧚🏾🧚🏾🧚🏾

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iPhone : The worst cisgender phrase I've come across is the "he/she identifies with they/them pronouns"

iPhone : Whats the point of having so many followers that cant help with a retweet to help find a loved one that has gone missing....Im posting this for the second time coz there was no retweets the first time...please help us find Bulelwa who was last seen Tuesday...Please retweet 💔

iPhone : kerry washington should have gotten multiple emmys for her work on scandal especially seasons 2-4 & i’ll never get over how she was paid dust.. kerry broke so many barriers.. & this is how she is treated????

iPhone : some people tend to forget that kerry washington was the first black woman to lead a network drama in almost 40 years twitter.com/miyafilms/stat…

iPhone : Because the doors don’t go up in the front asshole. That’s one of the best features of the model x that’s why I’m in the back. But here’s a video in the drivers seat on autopilot for your weird ass twitter.com/hofinator10/st…

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iPhone : I’ve watched this video 50 thousand times 🥺❤️

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