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Bio Im the software architect at @drondemand. I like Python and organize @pythonfrederick. I podcast on @djangoriffs. I stream SaaS dev at
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Twitter Web App : I was thinking of making a small #Django library to put up on PyPI for something I found useful in my side project. I started looking at other libraries in the ecosystem and now I'm tired even thinking of the prospect of putting a library out there. So much effort.

Buffer : On Building SaaS with #Python and #Django, we worked on the template of a core view of the app. I added new template code and layout with TailwindCSS, talked through design elements, and built model methods to support the layout.…

Twitter Web App : I'm firing up the #Twitch stream in about 10 minutes to work on my #Django app. I'll be working on pretty standard stuff so if you want to see real Django in the wild, this is a pretty good opportunity.

Twitter Web App : I'll be streaming some #Django app development tonight at 9pm ET.

Twitter Web App : Jared Chung Brian Okken I don't know that it will be all that helpful without the context of the app. The problem was that the test didn't have a docstring so it wasn't immediately obvious what it was testing. The method name was test_do_not_show_course_when_no_days. It didn't explain why that mattered.

Twitter Web App : `def test_tricky_condition_test_name_does_not_capture_the_nuance_of_actual_english_sentences():` 😁

Twitter Web App : A well placed #Python test docstring is superior to a long test function name. This message is brought to you by a guy who just got burned by his own too clever test name from three months ago.

Buffer : On the latest Building SaaS with #Python and #Django, I switched the test runner on my Django app to use #pytest. We walked through all the configuration and I showed off the benefits that come from using pytest. The recording and notes are now available.…

Twitter Web App : I'll start streaming some #Django work in a few minutes. I've got to set up so it might be a few minutes after 9pm ET.

Twitter Web App : I'll be streaming on #Twitch tonight at 9pm ET. I'm planning to convert my #Django app to use #pytest as the test runner. Feel free to join in and see how the conversion goes!

Twitter Web App : Did you know that if you call `select_related` on a QuerySet in #Django with no argument that it will get *all* the ForeignKey relationships? I didn't until a couple of days ago.

Twitter Web App : I am shocked. Only 1 Vim plugin error that was easy to fix. Now what am I going to do for the rest of the day?

Twitter Web App : welp, I haven't updated my Vim plugins for years. I'm going to update them all at once and see how much I blow up my personal development world.

Buffer : On the latest Building SaaS with #Python and #Django, I walked through my process for fixing a bug. I used the classic test driven development pattern of writing a failing test, making the code pass, then refactoring to clean up.…