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Hootsuite Inc. : Start now. You dont have to wait for the big wins.

iPhone : OTD in 1858 the South Australian Real Property Act came into operation. The Torrens Title system of land conveyance originated from this Act, and later adopted by many countries around the world. Created by Robert Torrens, this system emphasises land registration over deeds.

Twitter Web App : Listening to Do we still practice child sacrifice? at buzzsprout.com/778451/4371533

iPhone : If case you guys are wondering, the fundraising stages:

1. family & friends
2. friends & fools
3. family, friends and fools
4. pre-seed, no more fools
5. reluctant seed
6. post-seed
7. pre-A
8. bridge
9. bridge extension
10. series A

iPhone : Would just like to point out at this moment that whether or not we are ever charged or convicted over our stories, the most important thing is that those who broke our laws and the laws of armed conflict are held to account. Our nation should be better twitter.com/mjrowland68/st…

Twitter Web App : The government has launched a much more aggressive military strategy for Australia, clearly reflecting concerns about China. #abc730 Laura Tingle #auspol

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iPhone : Hi richard glover a landmark economic report recently calculated the value of unpaid work as $200b a year in just one state (Vic) that represents 50% of GSP (Gross State Product)

I did a special report on it:


Twitter Web App : Australian Federal Police ask prosecutors to consider charges against ABC journalist theguardian.com/australia-news…

iPhone : Joan Bartlett Jane Caro Marie Coleman Susan Ryan Susan Alberti AC Karen Hapgood Dr Marguerite Evans-Galea AM 🌱 Diana Ryall AM Elizabeth Hartnell-Y Ruth McGowan Ash Streeter Jane alver Kim Rubenstein George Donikian Definitely not! As Prof Fiona Stanley AC says’ the Order of Australia has been extremely helpful for me in my career. It meant that I immediately became known as a successful researcher with integrity, which helped me...improve outcomes for children and youth’.

TweetDeck : Dan Tehan says we need more psychologists and more social workers, but the President of The Australian Psychological Society and the President of The Australian Association of Social Workers both say his reforms will drive people away from studying in these areas! 🤯 #auspol twitter.com/10NewsFirst/st…

iPhone : .Alan Kohler has created quite the stir through his recent fascination with modern monetary theory. This week he and James Peter Kirby thrash out the logic and potential drawbacks of this radical shift in thinking on #TheMoneyCafe
#MMT #ausbiz

Twitter Web App : The NSW Supreme Court has now put out its policy on inappropriate workplace conduct. It says it will engage an independent person to whom complaints can be made supremecourt.justice.nsw.gov.au/Documents/Home… In NSW there is also an independent Judicial Commission.

iPhone : Pick and stick: John Howard obviously supports re-election of Donald Trump, in spite of Trump presidency weakening Western civilisation re rise of China. Mr Howard is a student of American ‘exceptionalism’ when we need strongest support for all emerging liberal democracies. twitter.com/markgkenny/sta…

iPhone : Announcing the next Government welfare program based on hearsay and anecdotal evidence.

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Twitter Web App : 10 years from now, if you walk into the supermarket or a restaurant, no matter which country youre in, youre going to have an option of eating cultured meat. Our next Wild Hearts podcast episode with Tim Noakesmith and George Peppou 🥩🧫, cofounders of Vow, is now live. 🥩

Android : Blink-182 named their holding company ‘Pennywise Poo Poo Butt Inc’ so their lawyers and accountants would sound silly saying it all the time.

Tonights brand new QI episode is RIDICULOUS and stars Sandi, Alan, Maisie Adam, David Mitchell and holly walsh! BBC Two, 9pm.

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Twitter Web App : New Zealand Herald breaks the seal on the story that everyone else has been dancing around for the last four weeks without coming right out and saying: Melbourne quarantine guards and guests have been, um, sexually active. nzherald.co.nz/world/news/art…

Twitter Web App : I love our design team Q-CTRL!

Heres the updated product card with a new icon for BOULDER OPAL - our #python tools to optimize #quantumcomputers and integrate #quantumcontrol directly into hardware.

iPhone : What a milestone to finally be the TOP graph database on GitHub !! We want to thank our communitys support. Its been a long journey, and we couldnt make it to the top spot with all your ♥️.

github.com/topics/graph-d… twitter.com/manishrjain/st…

Twitter Web App : Jeff Leyser He was sued in the 70s!! for refusing to rent to Black tenants. He advocated for the death penalty for Black men after they had been proven innocent by DNA evidence. Of course he is racist.

iPhone : #Indigenous babies die at twice the rate of other children despite a decade of targeted policy. The #ClosingTheGap plan was supposed to improve persistent gaps in Indigenous health, education and employment but 12 years on it has failed. #abc730 Isabella Higgins

Twitter Web App : Enjoying reading Small Giants by Bo Burlingham and reflecting on the past 4.5 years of the Easy Agile journey with Davɐ Gomura-Elkan and crew.

Fun times, lots of learning, and an opportunity to continue to have an impact on our Global customers and local community.


Twitter for iPad : Apple Drags The PC Into The 21st Century // View on the decades journey to WWDC 2020 seekingalpha.com/article/435644…

iPhone : NSW mine could face multi-million dollar fine for allegedly breaching water law theguardian.com/environment/20… The NSW independent water regulator has charged Whitehaven Coal over alleged breaches of the Water Management Act at its Maules Creek coalmine. #auslaw #auspol #watersecurity

Twitter Web App : Andrew Rita Saffioti I first met with WA Dept Transport in 2014 to urge inclusion of charge points in Perths yet to be built Wellington St busport
Ive been on message encouraging since then
IMO DoT/Transperth likely giving same constrained and conservative advice to Minister

Twitter Web App : 📣ATTN product managers: how to write great specs: youtube.com/watch?v=l1yWus…
.. or dont!

💭 Instead, build a shared understanding with your team, then get out of their way. Shared understanding isnt a spec, its a process which happens through discovery & conversation. #prodmgmt

Android : Ive had super high priced management consultants condescenidingly tell me that Tesla could NEVER compete with Toyota.
Glad I wasnt paying.

Twitter Web App : Western Australian households which had solar installed between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2011 will begin to reach the end of their ten-year premium feed-in-tariff contract from the start of the month.
Via OneStepOffTheGrid

iPhone : Delighted to announce Jelix Venturess investment into Clipboard (Sam Clarke Ed Colyer), an awesome Aussie business providing software for managing extracurricular school activities. Full press release: bit.ly/3eRH2GY

iPhone : GOTERRA Huge congrats 🥳 big fans of your mission and so excited you got extra 💰 to move faster and make a bigger change 🐛 🕷 🌍

Twitter Web App : Pride looked a little different this year, but that hasnt stopped us from coming together to recognize and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Happy #PRIDE2020 from our crew to you.

iPhone : Environment minister approves Vickery coal mine. Farmers dont want it, local council opposed it, water modelling highly flawed. Whitehaven is tight with LNP. Story by Callum Foote #auspol michaelwest.com.au/environment-mi…

Twitter Web App : Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly admire Jacinda Ardern any more than we already do...

Here our current favorite world leader describes how much she values science communicators, science & #scicomm.

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Twitter Web App : Wholesale electricity prices currently down ~50% quarter to quarter - following on from COVID related collapse in gas price:


Twitter Web App : Kelly Papyrus So exciting, here are some tips that may be helpful! 📚blog.trello.com/how-to-use-tre…

iPhone : Congrats Vivian on switching to a fossil fuel free bank! 🥳

Learn how to switch banks and make it count: marketforces.org.au/info/Switch-Ba… twitter.com/vivianharris45…

Twitter for iPad : Policies to scale up hydrogen underway. The EC wants to identify the policy measures needed to enable the massive clean hydrogen scale-up, and could propose EU legislation on this in June 2021. spglobal.com/platts/en/mark…

iPhone : Many of you have requested that 💧Jane Barnes sing too and we’ve found this song for a cold winter’s night. It was for Jane because not only did she learn and play difficult chords but had to sing at the same time. What a girl. Full video on my Facebook page

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Twitter Web App : To think that only 6yrs ago, we were 3 people in a room. Now almost 20. 4 new fresh faces with new perspectives. Cant wait to learn from you all. Welcome to our expanding family @kevin_jy_liu Sanjana Richard Lin twitter.com/airtreevc/stat…

Twitter Web App : If youd like to listen over lunch right now, Im about to join this Grattan Institute conversation on Zero Emissions Australia w Ross Garnaut, Tony Wood and Guy Dundas - you can register here


iPhone : A society grows great when old men plant trees, the shade of which they know they will never sit in. Good people do things for other people. Thats it, the end. I cant stop thinking of this quote from After Life as we all pull together.

Android : Thank you for the lovely comments after my son’s impromptu appearance mid-live-broadcast. I can confirm that his high-stakes negotiating skills netted him two chocolate digestives twitter.com/scottygb/statu…

Twitter Web App : 2020 has been full of surprises, but Ray Martin emerging as Australias finest comic actor is one nobody saw coming #AtHomeAloneTogether twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1…

Android : OMG I cannot believe people are spitting the dummy about the Brexit story “not being real”
Did you laugh? Did you enjoy it? Did it cheer you momentarily?
Good grief, what is wrong with everybody

Android : Few common advice I give to traders

- It takes time to be profitable.

- Protect your capital.

- Master one setup.

- Keep learning everyday.

- Be a risk manager.

- Dont compare your results with others

- Every trade is a new trade.

- Be humble.


Twitter Web App : ‘Justice is what love looks like in public.’

Cornel West
African American philosopher, political activist and author.

Twitter for iPad : I wear a mask where theres likely to be a concentration of people, or an unexpected close encounter, and certainly on public transport or on the streets of downtown Melbourne.I have one in my pocket when walking off the paths in the park, or on quiet suburban streets twitter.com/stef_from/stat…

Android : Estoy saliendo de un periodo de petamiendo absurdo en el trabajo. Que yo diria que entra en top10 of all times de mi carrera. Y ahora que puedo parar y coger un poco de aire tengo varias reflexiones encoladas que me gustaria vomitar aqui sin mucho orden ni concierto

Twitter for iPad : Turns out that setting unambitious dates at some ludicrous point far in the future as a way of protecting systems of oppression and human harm isnt just a fossil fuel industry thing

iPhone : reneweconomy.com.au/global-transit… #EnergyTransition #100%RenewableEnergy #EnergySecurity #Re-Evolution #SustainableUniversalAbundance

Twitter for iPad : Priorities:
❌ National broadcaster
❌ Universities
❌ Research funding
❌ Child care
❌ Arts
❌ Renewable energy
✅ Property speculation
✅ Missiles
✅ Fossil fuels
✅ Construction
✅ War memorial