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Twitter Web App : But while Johnson & his Trumpinocchios replace democracy with mendocracy: 1) excess UK deaths have wiped out a city the size of Canterbury or Scarborough; 2) we are being driven deliberately & needlessly towards a No Deal Brexit that will magnify the virus crisis. Tory nihilists.

Twitter Web App : Even Suella Braverman knows her latest attempt to claim "night = day" is preposterous. But that's the whole point. Every week, the Johnson Government sets out to show us they can claim "night = day" and simply get away with it. It's about rubbing our noses in unaccountable power.

Twitter Web App : Seriously: with every passing week, the neo-Tory regime led by Cummings and fronted by Johnson chips and chips away at the foundations of liberal democracy in the UK. When will it be one chip too many - either for us to tolerate or for us to salvage?

Android : This is so depressingly typical: anyone who dares criticise the Right, even on completely evidenced & justified grounds, is attacked & dismissed as "biased". It's just another way of stifling accountabilty & amounts to little better than (self) censorship


Twitter Web App : Good to see published version of my analysis of Johnsons (Not So) Great (Not So) New Brexit (Aint Really Done Yet) Deal. Inspired by HRH Cummings Is new decree on research ethics, I hope its not too immodest of me to draw your attention to another trifling discovery of mine:

Twitter Web App : Gov: we're lying

Public: we know you're lying

Gov: we know you know we're lying, but we really couldn't care less

This isn't just some random slap in the face. It's another arrogant exaltation of raw power in a constitutional system with few checks on those happy to abuse it.

Twitter Web App : Basic view of friends watching us from outside: UK democracy already looking battered, but now... Cummings as King, Johnson as Royal Footstool, a Cabinet of Jesters, population as serfs & cannon-fodder. In that, but only that, sense: Cummings' situation is indeed "exceptional"?

Twitter Web App : Subjectivising fact and evidence, blurring the boundary between truth and lies, making the population cynical and disengaged: that's how the Trumps, Orbans, Bolsonaros and Johnsons wield their power. It's good for a laugh. But it's also a serious threat to our liberal democracy.

Twitter Web App : Today's antics fit that bill perfectly. Cummings tells obvious pack of lies. Johnson says it's all perfectly plausible. Tory minions bleat that it's a media witchhunt. Reality is made to feel blurry. Facts are less important than feelings. "They're all as bad as each other."

Twitter Web App : Good to laugh at post-truth populists. But as myself & incomparable Charlotte OBrien wrote of their Brexit tactics: goal isn't to convince anyone to *believe* their lies; it's to make people feel there is no such thing as "truth" anymore = even more dangerous


Twitter Web App : Time for a quick loo break - responsibly, legally and with integrity. pic.twitter.com/CJ4hEBmppW

Twitter Web App : Attention, all law students!

Apparently, we've been getting it wrong all these years / decades / centuries.

The *real* answer to the question, "is it legal?", *actually* is:

"Make up your own minds"

Boris Johnson said it, so it must be true.

Twitter Web App : Though possibly more amusing than Cummings' Mea No-waya Culpa? All the brainwashed rightwing numpties falling over themselves to crown his innocent head with a garland of bluebells picked from daddy's woodland estate while denouncing elitist-lefties for their fake-news witchhunt.

Twitter Web App : But just by coincidence, it's also great for a relaxing day out with family or friends - pretty old centre, amazing Bowes Museum, great half-ruined castle, impressive river views... oh... EXCEPT DURING THE LOCKDOWN WHEN YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO BLOODY GO.

Twitter Web App : I've been to lovely Barnard Castle many times and can't think of a better place to visit if I want to test whether I'm fit to drive: winding country roads, single lane bridges, busy high street, dispensable locals, extra points for child in tow - proper Krypton Factor stuff...

Twitter Web App : But it was still worth a try - lying through his teeth did win him a referendum and a general election, after all...

Twitter Web App : Summary Justice No, I didn't say that. I'm mocking her more general performance as one of the most senior news journalists in the country. But thanks for taking the time to go off at a tangent.