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iPhone : At the first Oculus Connect I spoke with a reporter that was excited at the prospects of 360 reporting as a way to rebuild trust for journalists after people started learning how artful scene cropping could shape a story. It is a shame that didn’t catch on.

iPhone : When I see pictures of restaurants with elaborate sneeze guards, I feel like the owners don't understand that they don't prevent an enclosed space from filling up with pathogens in the air.

iPhone : I'm sure there are far fewer people that would happily opt in for coupons and shit than there are people who just throw everything away automatically.

iPhone : It would be totally okay with me if the government decided that allowing random or targeted junk mail advertising was just a bad idea and that we should just outlaw the practice.

iPhone : Surely this bullshit cant be that hard for Twitter to detect and prevent? Tweeting the same link at least within the same hour and nothing else?

iPhone : 1. This is a clarifying moment.

It shows exactly what Facebook is and who Zuckerberg is

Trump is violating Facebook's rules on election misinformation

Zuckerberg's response was to go on Fox News and defend Trump's right to undermine the integrity of the election

iPhone : Scrap Mechanic Survival is amazing. Fits that hole in my heart that I was saving for Minecraft 2.

Surprisingly well-balanced progression. I'm so used to being OP after 3 days in MC and others, but def not the case with this game.

iPhone : Would love to see how #VSCode runs on a top-end Mac Pro. I just want to see that at least in some ideal scenario it is capable of running as smoothly as SublimeText. I love Code, and I want to believe that my laptop is the problem and not it.

iPhone : If you were tasked to write software to test some hardware, would you use a testing framework like #pytest or #mocha? Or would you write a regular application with that sole purpose in mind?

I'm sure the answer is obvious, maybe I'm overthinking this. Both approaches feel weird.

iPhone : A "podcast" was a digital on-demand audio presentation for the iTunes/iPod platform. It started out as an exclusive thing to begin with. Maybe they should start being called "audiocasts"? twitter.com/marcoarment/st…

iPhone : Went through a fantastic internal corporate training course on "Inbox Management" which should have been called "Gmail/GApps Power User Hax". Maybe the most useful training course I've ever had in my life. Definitely don't hate these tools as much anymore.

iPhone : Can't stand #python anymore. Async is a bitch, whitespace is a bitch, pypi + venv is a bitch, pipenv is still a bitch.

iPhone : Gothalion Star Citizen a case study? Taking it to the extreme with world sim and general detail, but best example I can think of with real shooter mechanics.