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Bio Im an academic hospitalist who shares medical axioms, aphorisms, & wisdom for the betterment of medical providers everywhere! Tweets are not medical advice.
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iPhone : On this 18th anniversary of my old pop’s suicide, I can really see how far we’ve come.

Depression and other mental illnesses have lost some of their taboo status. Less shameful. More common and ordinary. Discussable and treatable.…

Twitter for iPad : I had a patient from Texas tell me about these. He kept saying “fuhrantz.” Bit by fuhrantz. Pants full of fuhrantz. Took me half of the conversation to figure it out.…

iPhone : Same is true of raising children.

By the time you release your offspring into the wild, they should know how to:
1. Own a mistake.
2. Stifle the urge to blame others.
3. Deliver a honest and heartfelt apology.

Twitter for iPad : Most especially you keep them from learning that they will make mistakes, how to watch for them, how to explain them to patients, and how to live with the resulting guilt.

All of which are inevitable and inescapable realities of practicing medicine.

iPhone : Overnight, Dr. Adeline Fagan succumbed to COVID19. Another bright light gone too soon. At 28, her fellow obgyn residents knew her as radiating kindness.

To her sisters and family, I grieve with you.

To my fellow healthcare workers, please continue to be careful. She is us. 😥

iPhone : Help me settle a debate with my husband. If you work in the medical field, do you have a designated pair shoes solely for work??

iPhone : Shoot to be the right doctor for about 95% of the patients you meet.

If you are the perfect doctor for every patient, you may be losing some of the basic characteristics that make us unique, human, and real.

Twitter for iPad : In updated guidance, Amer Acad Pediatrics said some children with #COVID19 may need an ECG before they return to playing sports, based on growing evidence that SARS-CoV-2 infection can severely damage the heart.…

Twitter for iPad : If you wish to be a leaf, let external circumstances blow you about.

Now you are a leaf. —Master Yi

Twitter for iPad : Wonder Woman It’s tempting to think they argue Roe v. Wade week after week. They actually spend most of their time in the nooks and crannies of the law. And not really deciding hot political topics along liberal conservative lines.

Twitter for iPad : They decide a lot of obscure cases. They split 5-4 plenty but also lots of 6-3 and the occasional 9-0.

I look up their cases every year or so. It helps me not to worry so much about things I can’t control.

Twitter for iPad : If you tend to catastrophize, look up the Supreme Court decisions for the last 10 years. And get to know the work of Judge John Roberts (appointed by W.)…