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iPhone : We really love the Disney classics in this house Brandon Simmons

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iPhone : Leta This was towards the people who literally said that “not all lives matter”. I wish people would read thoroughly before responding. Everyone is so quick to attack.

iPhone : Not to take away from a movement but to the people who don’t think “all lives matter” clearly forgot that hate wasn’t just toward one race. Not too long ago 17+ million people were killed because of their religion. Including children. Remember that. #Holocaust #stopTheHate

iPhone : Bath time! #babyboy Megimmaculate Gives Dean the best spa service every single night!

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iPhone : Ryan Hurd Hey Ryan! Your wife helped announce our pregnancy. We also had a little boy right after you guys did. I’m also the Mom drinking a beer while holding my kid. She is also the most loved artist in our home. Keep doing you, we live for it!

iPhone : The real crime in this country is the healthcare system. Here’s my bill from labor and delivery. I work 60 hours a week, pay taxes, no govt assistance and bust my ass to pay the bills. Meanwhile a cop hating, offended by everything mooch can have a baby for free.

iPhone : Past generations stormed beaches, fought for civil rights and gave their all to better this country so this generation can cry about statues and be triggered by syrup. What. A. Joke.

iPhone : There is a video circulating the internet of a guy abusing his German Shepard... I don’t wish death upon anyone, however— this guy can rot in hell.

iPhone : I’ve been through 10 seasons of greys anatomy, so I just want to let you all know that I’m a Doctor now. If anyone needs open heart surgery, I’m taking appointments.